• Yes modern Israel has the right to exist.

    Because the Palestinians have no language, culture, history, that is distinctly there own. They have never governed themselves, had their own currency or economy. They are Indistinguishable from other Arabs in the area, whereas the Jews have an association to the land that goes back several thousand years. Moreover it is the Jews that made Jerusalem spiritual not the Muslims.

  • Yes but in a different place

    I agree that the Jewish nation is a positive move for the religious group however it should have been put in a different location. By n placing it in palistine they caused religious problems and made the nation an enemy of half the world and under bigger threar than ever before. They are threatened by every single country that borders them and Iran even threatens to nuke them if possible. Now we give them millions in supplies and weapons and they are force to have their entire male population to be in the military. Had they been given a European nation such as Poland or moved them to north Africa it may have been more favorable. To be fair however they are the only us allie in the middle east and that makes them important especially after 9/11. And the Iraqi military is undoubtedly one of the best in the world and could debated take on our troops if provoked not that they would.

  • This is a stupid debate but I'll still answer it

    We all know the bible, but let's talk facts, in the modern era, Jews came to Israel by rightfully purchasing lands and settling without interrupting to their neighbours, and when Israel was created, the newly formed government promised equality and freedom to everyone (a promise still kept), yet the Palestinians and Arab states decided to try and occupy those rightfully purchased Jewish lands! That's their fault. Jews have rights in Palestine as well as the Palestinians. Or else, where would they go? To Europe for another holocaust?

  • Right to self determination

    1. The Jewish people are diverse in culture, religion, language and many other facets of their identity.
    2. They have faced much persecution which is not limited to the holocaust.
    3. All of their cultural and religious ties go back to the land of Israel which can be proven through genetics and historical record.
    4. States are created on the basis of persecution as well as cultural and historical ties. The Jews have a strong case on all sides.
    5. Therefore, the Jews have a right for self determination in their own nation state, which has been proven to be their ancestral homeland.

    The Jewish claim to Israel extends beyond "God gave it to Moses", and it is ignorant to try and limit the case for the Jewish state to that. The first Zionist, Theodor Herzl, was thoroughly secular as were the socialist founders of the state.

  • Yes.Israel have been created from another.

    In the first place Israel was not just "formed" recently. Israel was and should have been reinstated as a sovereign and self-governing nation. Those who choose to be blind to that truth say that Israel stole the land and kicked the Arabs out. That is a blatant lie. There are many Arabs living in Israel as Israeli citizens. The live, work, serve in the government right alongside Jews, and others.

  • Israel should NOT exist! Free Palestine!

    The United Nations should not have created Israel. There isn't a moral case for the existence of Israel, it's simply the realization of a biblical statement.

    Also, IT'S NOT THEIR LAND. That is a major reason in why many people oppose the creation of Israel. There were many Jews who lived in Palestine before 1948, and all the different cultures mingled peacefully! They had no right to just barge into the Arabs' homes and claim it as their own. That's like the Europeans coming over to America, killing off the Natives, and claiming this country to be theirs -- it's not. Because the land was stolen by Palestinians, it's simply not even fair that Israel was created. They can't use "covenant with God," as an excuse for their terrible behavior towards the native people.

    Although Jews have suffered in Europe during WWII, their past suffering absolutely does not justify their long-term and brutal occupation of Palestine and its people. It's simply an issue of morality.

  • No it absolutely shouldnt

    They constantly say they can trace their DNA to the land from eons ago, so does that mean that we can all just take Africa by force as we can trace our DNA to there? It's absolutely ridiculous that they think they have the right. They lost the land in Romans times, thousands of years ago. I find it incredibly ironic that they took the land by force with German weapons and now persecute the Arab people the way the Germans persecuted them. It is absolute hypocrisy and I genuinely hope that the Arabs fight till the absolute end I support them absolutely and If I ever become a millionaire I will happily help fund them

  • Not the way it was no.

    The Jews according to their own scripture in Deuteronomy were told by God to 'kill everything that breathed in Canaan". This is how their god gave them Israel. They slaughtered the present inhabitants,an, woman and child.

    They had not held territory Palestine since the Romans destroyed their hold on it in 72 AD.

    Regardless of the motivation and the compassion for Jews after WW 2, the Palestinians were robbed, first by the British, who had no right to colonize them and secondly by the Jews who refused to accept any British attempt to be fair to the Arabs as it became clear that the Arabs wanted to have their independence returned to them. Jews jumped the gun without an agreement and began a terror campaign against the British and drove Palastinians out of mixed areas.

    The Palestinians were made to pay for the savage anti semitism of the Europeans. This was just another imperialist move that ignored the rights of the native population.

  • It caused problems

    The Arabs were just sitting there, nice and happy in their borders, when all of a sudden this new, hebraic nation pops into their holy land. This makes them mad, and it caused so many problems for this new state that haven't been solved to date. In addition, the Jews were just forced from Europe over into this new state, whether they wanted to or not.

  • Land Stolen From Palestine

    How can a country be allowed to just take land from another country? It wouldn't happen is the Western world, so It shouldn't happen in the Middle East. The real concern is that the UN decided this and supported it after Britain refused to accept Palestine having its full country free once again.

  • Israel stole that land from the palestines.

    Just because they believe that God promised them that land, gave them no right to steal it and start a war with the palestines, killing women and children, The palestines were there first, it is there land. I am of neither race, But I hate the jews, for they are a greedy, murderous race. And use God has an excuse to steal, and kill.

  • Stolen lands of Israel.

    I am a European immigrant to the US. I am deeply saddened by the theft of land from the Palestinians that occurred during the 1940s. They were forced from their homes so that the Jewish people living there could make there own country. Less than 10% of the population were Jewish and yet they were given 55% of the total land. Ridiculous and shameful. It is another black stain in our history and one that has resulted in deaths of thousands upon thousands of Jewish, christian, and muselim people. In order for the killing to stop we must give the Palestinians back what we stole from them. Israel must dissolve and koce someplace else.

  • Israel should not be a nation.

    In 1947 the U.S and Great Britain, on there own ,reestablished Israel as a nation which is against God's will. Only a few Jews returned. Other enthicity groups settle there. The nation of Israel is inhabited by foreigners. This is not their land. This nation of Israel is the center of the conflict. The United States should be on the side of the Palestinians.

  • No, Israel shouldn't have been created

    Israel is a Jewish country that was created by force after World War II. This nation didn't exist until 1947. Israeli leaders underestimated the long-term consequences of creating this new nation in the Holy Land. Although the Jews suffered in Europe during WWII, their past suffering doesn't justify their long-term and brutal occupation of Palestine and her people.

  • No it should not.

    The Jews were *placed* there because for thousands of years have hated Hebrews. The Palestinians were there first and deserve their native land. The Jews should not be allowed to use the, "covenant with God," as an excuse for their terrible behavior towards the native people.

    Israel is the United States 51st state, they agree with everything they're doing and it's not right considering their argument is God promised them that land. As any nation trying to gain any respect they should almost never use God as an excuse for their behavior.

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