• Hamas has declared war...

    Hamas is the de facto controller and government of Gaza. They have unlawfully attacked Israeli civilians, and launched numerous terrorist attacks on Israeli territory. Israel has the full right to intervene in Gaza to remove this terrorist organization from the territory it is occupying, and furthermore, administrate the territory after the threat is removed until Palestine is able to properly manage it and provide for the civilians living in it. When Hamas is finally removed, a roadway to peace can be achieved.

  • They have every right

    Killing is never a good or nice thing and it is always horrible and heartbreaking when innocent people die, however there is also a thing called self defence and in the case of Israel invading Gaza they are doing it in self defence to retaliate for the rockets being shot at Israel and to protect themselves from future attacks. The way I see it the deaths, soldier or civilian, on both sides should all be blamed on Hamas. Hamas started this war and Israel should finish it by destroying the terrorist organization to prevent further deaths.

  • Hamas are the real oppressors of Palestinians

    I want peace, and for the oppressed Palestinian people to have a chance at fair education, economic success, freedom, and pursuit of happiness just as any other human being is rightfully owed. They need a government that will enable that by looking for a peace partner in Israel, which is a free state. Jihad, Holocaust denial, and anti-western motives, will never give the Palestinians the livelihood they are looking for. It's time to demand a new government looking for genuine peace with partners that are more than willing (Israel) as long a that government and the Palestinian people decide to stop the terrorism, and hate. No more oppression of homosexuals, women, and children as brainwashing robots for anti-semitism. It's time for the world to understand who is REALLY responsible for the 2,000 + lives lost in Gaza, which is Hamas and every terrorist organization that is using the Palestinian cause as a way to destroy the one Jewish state in the entire world and commit mass genocide.

  • Hamas needs to be destroyed..

    Hamas' charter states explicitly that Israel should be wiped off the map and all the Jews, not just those in Israel, should be completely exterminated from the earth. They use every means of terrorism in support of their goal committing war crimes on a daily basis with funding and weaponry coming from Islamic countries like Qatar, Turkey and others. They broadcast sermons on television in Gaza extolling Jihad, martyrdom, and calling for the death of all Jews. Their rhetoric and propaganda features the most vile and malicious antisemitism imaginable. All of their children are groomed for the purpose and educated in genocide. Like past evils, such as Nazi Germany, it is incumbent on the State of Israel to invade Gaza and eliminate this evil, which constitutes a threat to the safety and security of all Israelis. Hamas must be destroyed and dismantled. The lessons of warfare are clear and nothing less than total victory can be accepted.

  • 'Toppling' Hamas would only cause more civilian deaths

    If Israel were to invade Gaza, this would only draw up more support for Hamas, a fact that the Israelis so far have yet to consider. If both sides came to some form of peace agreement, and that peace was (through some miraculous force) maintained, then the support for Hamas would dwindle, seeing as the conflict has ended. Admittedly it is a longer route to take, but their would be less deaths, less destruction, and hopefully, longer lasting peace.

  • Both Sides Have Their Point but....

    I believe in peace. And I am neither an Anti-Semitist nor an anti-muslim.

    The reason I dispute the claim is that Israel is bullying Palestine. It claims to be "surrounded" by threatening neighbors, but Israel is the big bad bully on the block.

    Easy way for peace would include returning the Palestinian refugees to their proper homes. I mean, you don't just go into people's houses telling them they are going to be kicked out because you lived there thousands of years ago. That is bloody unfair.

    And the thing is, every country except us (U.S.) support Palestine.

  • Terrorism shouldnt be justified!

    However how would you like a surrounding country to be completely in control of what goes in and out of your country despite supposedly granting you "independence". Also although the rockets Hamas is firing is an act of war, so is the blockade of Gaza by the Israeli's. Finally the claim that Gaza refuse to talk is outweighed by the fact that no real negotiations have been attempted.

  • Both sides are stupid, murderous and intransigent.

    What is really going on here is Israel steadily pushing the Palestinians out of their homeland. When the Europeans landed in North America, we did the exact same thing; push our borders a little bit further at every opportunity, provoke violence and use it as an excuse for more land grabs. Israel has absolutely nothing to gain from peace. Hamas is almost completely ineffective, and their continued rocket attacks give Israel the excuse to annihilate more buildings and infrastructure. Mark my words - Israel will push every non Jewish person out of Palestine and will claim they have clean hands.

    IF Israel truly wanted peace, they would flood Palestine with relief aid. Medicine, food and clean water. They would ease the blockade, foster communication and begin to bridge the divide between the two people.

    You don't heal with a sword.

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