• Fear of elimination of non muslims

    Pakistan is a muslim country, the only muslim country in the possession of nuke, harbour of booming terrorism and a threat to the modern world. Pakistan is a poor country and in about a few years Pakistan will sell their nukes to rich Muslim oil bearing countries in about a few years for billions.To prevent that from happening Israel with the aid o India should wipe off Pakistan from the face of this world

  • Someone should take on the originator of modern terrorism!

    Pakistan is the country that invented terrorism. In fact it is not a modern state at all. Pakistan is just an experiment for spreading terrorism through out the world with the help of democratic nations' foreign aid. It is a case of barbarism succeeding. The world is really lucky that Pakistan does not enough uranium to make more nuclear weapons. If they are ever able to make 500 nukes or more they will use them on India, Israel, Iraq, Britain, France, Denmark and the US! However Israel has no obligation to save the world. The world should save itself. First lets try to defuse their nuclear weapons and then disarm them of all modern weapons viz missiles etc. Only reason they are not starting a global attack on democracy and freedom is because they don't have the ability to do so. So their immediate goal is to attack India and spread terrorists in other countries. They are the ones who have mastered the ideology of spreading covert small scale war over a global stage. They have befriended the unsuspecting world by pretending to be a democracy. All this time they have marked out some of their own citizens are disposable and unworthy. Pakistan trains these unfortunate citizens in Jihad and send them to fight other countries. And they live off citizens of other countries by accepting foreign aid of billions of dollars. They use this foreign aid to perfect this small scale global war and they are trying to acquire enough missiles, nukes and warplanes to start a major war. The world is subsidizing Pakistan to destroy humanity as we know. Citizens of US and world awake and fight this monster oligarchy.

  • Should they? Yes.

    They would solve a lot of problems and that would get rid of terrorism and lots of corruption and sharia law. Cruelty and discrimination against people who don't support the same religion and people who currently plan to attack other nations most not be tolerated. They should nuke Pakistan.
    Lewis Williams

  • Should Israel nuke pakistan

    It is by far the easiest method to purge terrorism from Earth. Pakistan today is the epicenter of terrorism. By eradicating pakistan from the map we will save the earth and maintain peace. The future generations of man kind will be happy and prosperous for many many years to come.

  • To show the world how civilized Israel is

    Every muslim, everyone who believes in oneness of Allah, everyone who wants to follow the teachings of Quran and everyone who likes Shariah must be tortured, culled, nuked and destroyed.

    Well, that’s the only way to turn the weaknesses of muslims into strengths and that’s actually what Muslims badly need to rise again.

  • Of course they should

    Forget should Israel; the whole world should nuke Pakistan. It's a terrorist's country and deserves nothing less. It has forged too many hateful relationships with many of the worlds nations, and continues to show its horrid governing through terrible corruption. Even the people there are cruel, abusing animals and people alike.

  • Pakistan is full of terrorism and hypocrisy and disgrace

    Pakistan has been funding terrorism which in no circumstances is justifiable and they chant for peace and say that other countries are aggressive and causing lives of people but in reality they are the ones who are starting the conflicts and causing trouble and when faced with opposition they start to blame others being totally hypocritic.

  • Paki go away

    Pakistan bad contry and have many people who need nuke. Israel with help of a India can destroy the enemy (pakis) and bring peace back and help India reclaim indus valley. For all. And then muslim go away and peace can be on world pray to vishnu for continue peace

  • Paki go away

    Pakistan bad contry and have many people who need nuke. Israel with help of a India can destroy the enemy (pakis) and bring peace back and help India reclaim indus valley. For all. And then muslim go away and peace can be on world pray to vishnu for continue peace

  • Better if Pakistan was not created in first place. On historical level in long run eliminating this state would leave the planet better off.

    They kill innocents. They spread terrorism. They are anti intellectual, offer literally nothing to better the world. If it was not for the terrorism they spread and their strategic location to Afghanistan they would be an obscure never mentioned state. A failed state that spreads lies poison and heartache than cries victim when 1% of violence is paid back to them. The regions people are worse off due to this poison failed state being created. Lapdogs they just pant towards the worlds great powers, first U.S now both U.S & more so China.

  • Will it be successful?

    Pakistan has one of the largest military in the world, and has one of the largest armies of the world, Pakistan has nukes and the best Intelligence agency (ISI). Pakistan was one of the best trained Air force in the world. (World Record: Muhammed Mahmood Alam, a Pakistani air force pilot shot down 5 Indian fighter jets, the first four within 30 seconds). China will support Pakistan (China has claimed "An attack on Pakistan will be an attack on China"). All the Muslim nations on the world (Islamic Republics such as Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Mauritania) will support Pakistan.
    Who do you think will win?

  • Useless debate...Israel doesnt have capability

    Pakistan has a future, with one of the largest countries of the world...Whereas Israel is a disputed kind of tribe....Useless to discuss who nukes whom.....Israel should better start weaning from US rather thinking of a clash with such a huge country with military expertise, Pakistan. Pakistan doesnt even takes Israel as a country and some so called "intellectuals" are discussing such a pathetic post.

  • Are you joking?

    Is this seriously a question? You guys are nuts!

    1. Pakistan may die, but Israel, India, and the United States would die too!
    2. It would create a new caliphate since Arabs, and Pakistan's allies (like Turkey) would have a common enemy.
    3. It would probably start World War 3! Everyone would be fighting each other out of this act of stupidity.

  • No they should not

    As both the countries have nukes. For example if Israel nuked Pakistan, in return Pakistan would nuke Israel. If we observe the total area of both countries we see that Israel requires at least 10-14 nukes to completely destroy Pakistan whereas Pakistan's one nuke would be sufficient for Israel. On the other hand all the Muslim countries would go against Israel. Iran, Saudi Arabia and many other countries would take serious action and they might cause economic problems for Israel. Only the US and India would be there to support them and thats not enough.

  • What the hell would nuking pakistan acomplish?

    One, Pakistan is far from #1 on the list of countries Israel should be concerned about, much less nuking. All that would do is
    1: kill A LOT of innocent civilians
    2: create a anti-israel/american fever that would be heaven on earth for terrorist recruiters
    3: Probably lead several Arab nations, out of fear, anger, or pity for Pakistan, to declare war on Israel.
    4: Get israel nuked itself, as Pakistan has quite a large nuclear arsenal from it's mini-cold war with India
    5: Add another enemy to Israels long list
    6: Waste weapons, since pakistan poses a millionth the immediate threat iran, egypt, palistine, lebanon and iraq do.
    7: cross the line and create tensions with unstable " allies" like Saudi arabia and Turkey

    The minor benefits:
    1: They MIGHT kill some taliban, who were probably more focused on America.

    Israel may be a buit war-hungry, but this would be a step too far

  • Obviously no they shouldn't.

    First of all, what a stupid question, what possible reason would Israel have to nuke Pakistan. I am staunchly pro-Israel and cant think of a reason for them to nuke Iran, let alone Pakistan, a country with enough nukes to wipe Israel out.
    You might as well ask the question, should Britain nuke France, or Should the USA nuke India.

  • No, it's not the best idea in the world.

    Pakistan has a lot of problems but nuking them won't solve anything. It will just create more anger and hostility in the world. It will also kill thousands of innocent women and children and make the region inhabitable. Nukes should only be used in incredibly rare circumstances. This idea is frankly borderline insane.

  • No!

    Nuclear bombs isn't even a funny topic. This is a very serious issue. Not only would Israel become exactly the worst nation in the world by killing thousands, but they would hurt themselves as well by both nuclear fall out and public fall out. They would become the greatest enemy of any person who cares about this issue.

  • No.

    Nuclear missiles are not the answer to the problems in the Middle East. Israel would just be escalating an already tense and dangerous situation into full on nuclear warfare between multiple countries. That would only cause the deaths of millions of innocent lives and create a wasteland out of large swathes of land.

  • Really?

    Hmmm, should Israel use a weapon of mass destruction against Pakistan, effectively killing thousands, if not millions, of innocent people, while creating nuclear fallout that could affect even more innocent people. I'm going to have to go with a big whopping NO! Can we please not destroy the Earth here? That would be great, mkay.

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Rutbil says2018-07-29T10:59:27.997
With the great innovations in the techniques of weapons. It's now possible that Pakistan can destroy Israel with it's nuclear warheads.

Since Islam has the history of unprovoked first strike right from the time of the prophet. Hence it is but natural that it will definitely attack Israel at one point of time.

It's the power balance that is preventing Pakistan to nuke Israel and India. The China, US are main deterrents. As US is ceasing to remain economically strong. China is coming closer to Pakistan. The day is not far when Pakistan would strike the two nations.
The best remedy is to clear this cancer at the nascent stage. Israel and India should immediately join hands to finish Pakistan once for all. Else Pakistan will finish both of them.