Should Israelis seek modern Crusades into the Holy Land to rid the Middle East of Palestinian terrorists?

  • It would make peace.

    Yes, Israelis should seek modern Crusades into the Holy Land to rid the Middle East of Palestinian terrorists, because the Palestinian terrorists are not going to stop until they push the Israelis into the sea. God promised Israel the promised land. They are justified in defending themselves against those who threaten that promise.

  • No,no more Crusades!

    In the Middle Eastern crisis there is both terrific need and awful abuse of power on both sides for various good reasons. One thing no one needs is more violence and a Crusade mentality. That happened once when authorized by an evil Christian Church and it was a terrible thing that should never be repeated.

  • No, that is awful.

    This is a terrible sentiment and I honestly hope this is not a real debate question anywhere. The Crusades were a terrible thing, slaughtering many innocent Muslims for the crime of inhabiting the land they were born in. That is all that most modern muslims are doing, inhabiting the land they were born in.

  • Not the middle ages

    Israel does not need to conduct a modern crussade into the Holy Land to get rid of Palestinian people. This situation needs to be treated with diplomacy and other avenues that are non violent. I think that both sides need to talk to each other and dicuss the conflict at length.

  • Israelis should not seek modern Crusades.

    It would not be right to call counter-terrorism exercises "Crusades". The historical Crusades happened very long ago and for very different reasons. The Israelis would not use this world, which described a Christian movement, to describe their own action in the Holy Land. It is also offensive to Muslims to use this term.

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