• I completely agree that it should be considered a crime to burn the American flag.

    America's flag is a symbol of its greatness, democracy and freedom. Burning the flag is akin to denouncing these values that are symbols of the country. The flag should be respected and revered. Burning or desecrating the flag in any way should be considered an offense to freedom and democracy and should therefore be considered a crime.

    Posted by: babyblu4u
  • Yes.

    Since we were little kids at least my parents always taught me to keep the flag off the ground that it was sacred. Also what about the people dying in Iraq or Afghanistan for us. There are countless different times were soldiers have died trying to keep the flag from touching the ground it should be the same for us.

  • Yes, grow a pair.

    There are better ways of voicing your political opinion aside from burning the symbol of our nation.
    And burning a flag is not symbolic of disagreeing with a government choice, it's symbolic of disagreeing with the entire nation and everyone in it.
    Also it is the flag of the military, the flag of the people looks different so burning the common U.S flag is going against your fellow countryman, and military.
    Stop supporting such wimpy, no-neck, cowardly garbage and show some respect.
    Not even the founding fathers would burn flags of other countries.

  • What about the Veterans?

    If we allow people to burn the flag how do you think that will go over? Yes we are supposed to respect the minds of the minority but when they decide to disrespect what so many people have fought for then what? If we support the minority what about everyone else opinions! I strongly believe that nobody should EVER BURN THE AMERICAN FLAG! You can call me a strong nationalist but i am what i am and that is standing up for my country and what we fought so long for.

  • I don't think it should be a crime to burn the American flag, even when it could seem unpatriotic.

    Why should it be a crime to burn something when we live in a supposedly free country? What if someone accidentally burns some newspaper in their fireplace that has a picture of the American flag on the second page? It's ridiculous. The flag is a symbol and nothing more. If someone wants to make a statement from doing it, then fine again, that's their right as an American.

    Posted by: PaulaG
  • Of freaking course.

    Let me drop some knowledge. The American flag represents America. As silly as that may sound to some folks, it's true. This flag represents all of our country, and burning it implies that you do not agree with the country as a whole and all of the people in it. It is completely disrespectful and totally inappropriate. Good day.

  • It should be because its wrong!!!!!

    People should really pay more respect to our countries because its disrespectful to burn the flag. Yes we all know its a cloth. But to more people it is more than that it lets people know that the flag is a symbol of freedom and it shouldn't be burned!!!!!!! :)

  • It's the flag of the American people.

    The American Flag is a symbol of the American people and our freedom and our history. It is sacred to most Americans and to me. It may be a cloth, but it is not just a cloth it's a symbol of our unification and republic. We have freedom of speech and I support that, but I do not support burning the very flag that hundreds of thousands of Americans have died and shed blood for. It's not only dishonoring them, but our nation as a whole.

  • Too many people not taking responsibility

    Burning the US flag should be a crime punishable by a fine. Burning the flag is not a "right", it's not "freedom of speech", it's a hate crime against the people of the United States of America. Too many people do not take responsibility for their actions, they blame someone else or declare it was the environment they were raised in. Be responsible for your actions and support the country you live in.

  • Property should never be destroyed!

    A flag is a big part of property because it's a symbolization. No property should be destroyed at all, That's the message to other people that you dishonor the continent and you are most certainly likely to offend everybody. Property damage is a crime, so of course, that counts as property. People who tend to destroy property like flags should be in jail not burning flags.

  • Making it a crime to burn a flag is contradictory of free speech.

    The U.S constitution guarantees free speech to the individuals. Any law against flag burning, of any nation, is violating a persons freedom of speech. While it's not illegal to burn the U.S flag, people who do so in America must also anticipate consequences and criticisms from the public.

    Posted by: RayEar
  • It's just a piece of cloth, and this comes under 1st amendment right of expression.

    I think it's dangerous to ascribe sacred meaning to national symbols or any other symbol. This incites people to 'die for the flag' which is after all just a scrap of cloth. I think these symbols are used to brainwash people, to elicit a Pavlovian response that makes debate useless and renders sane arguments impotent. Fight for a cause, not a symbol.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • The American flag is a symbol of genocide.

    It should not be a crime to burn the US flag; it should rather be encouraged. First off: since the 1940's, the US have killed around 10,431,000 people in the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings, the Vietnam war, the 1973 Chilean coup d'├ętat and many other. Give me one reason to show any respect for a nation responsible for that amount of casualties. For me, that is pretty much the same as sympathising with any genocidal dictatorship. Also, America is not free. We like to pretend it is, but it isn't and this shows why: if you are not patriotic, if you object against the nation that controls nearly the entire world and continues to commit crimes they are never held responsible for, people want you arrested. When I was going to visit America in the mid 80's I had serious trouble getting in only because I was a member of some far leftist/socialist organisations. Does that sound like freedom to you? Why should I show respect for a nation like that? For me, burning the US flag and objecting against the US in other ways is the only alternative under these circumstances.

  • Burning the American flag is the ultimate symbol of free speech and should not be a crime.

    Americans fought hard in the revolution from England. They wanted this nation to be free. How then can we take an act of free speech and punish it as a crime? Destroying national monuments is, and should be a crime. But a flag, which is just a one in a billion copy, can and should be burned whenever someone wishes. After all, it's just a cloth.

    Posted by: elen111
  • Flag-burning is a form of free speech, and therefore should not be a crime.

    The burning of the U.S. flag is a form of speech, which is protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It poses absolutely no threat to national security, nor is it a form of libel or slander. Since it is not harmful to either national security or intentionally and falsely damaging to anybody's reputation, it should not be a criminal offense.

    Posted by: A Paul
  • Mind your own business

    Why the heck do any of you care if someone else is burning a flag. If you think it is wrong don't do it but mind your own business. You are all a bunch of nosy people who feel the need to control the actions of everyone else. The American flag will mean nothing if you burn it because America, the free country, has grown so corrupt that you can't burn a flag. You all have no business trying to tell me what I can or can't do. Being free means that you can disrespect the nation and the people in it. Patriot mans fighting for freedom so that makes me more of a patriot than all of you. The day that burning a dumb flag is illegal is the day our countries flag is absolutely meaningless. I am also suck of reading all of this junk about how you are disrespecting soldiers. You all have been horribly mislead and the founding fathers are looking down on this blog right now so be careful what you say.

  • Why have freedom at all.

    The burning of the American flag, in spirit, has nothing to do with dishonoring the country, her people. Or her soldiers, It does have everything to do with disrespecting and rebelling against the policies, laws, injustices, and corruption of the nations leadership. I see it as equal to tossing tea into the sea.

  • The first Amendment

    When being wrong or right anything OPINIONATED is useless in the court of law. Fact being any law against flag burning directly interferes with the first amendment (specifically freedom of speech) which automatically makes it null and void. The system is built so anything that conflicts with the amendments are useless, end of story.

  • It should not be a crime to burn the flag

    It should not not be a crime to burn the flag because people have different religions that might be against the flag. Like they probably think that the american flag is a symbol to them. We have our freedom of expression. We have the right to express our feelings so we can express our feelonigs against the flag if we wanted to. Eventhough it is wrong to some people, others do not think the same. Everyone has different thoughts about certain things.

  • Although it is unpatriotic, I believe that burning the American flag should fall under freedom of speech, and thus should not be a crime.

    It should not be a crime to be unpatriotic. Burning the American flag does not hurt anyone as long as they are not near the fire. Most crimes are based on hurting people or the possibility of hurting people; murder, DUI, etc. Though burning the flag may seem to some people an act of disrespect, it is usually not illegal to be disrespectful... so clearly, it should not be a crime to burn the American flag.

    Posted by: ErmConfident

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Anonymous says2013-03-27T23:09:02.867
How many people were involved with this poll? Is it a wide sampling or just the people with comments
Anonymous says2013-05-16T14:17:10.827
Burning the flag should not be illegal! Burning the flag is considered to be freedom of speech. The first ammendment says that you will not be arrested for religion, speech, press, etc. If you are arrested for burning the flag it is going against the peice of paper that helped shape our country