Should it be a crime to do harm to an illegal alien?

Asked by: Dave845
  • Yes, because they are human, unless I've been mislead by common sense

    As I said in the title, the "illegal" aliens are humana, like you or me. If one human life is "sacred", then so is all the rest. It would be hypocritical of the law itself, if this were not the case.
    In fact, I feel this question is vacuous and have a hard time understanding how a person can be so jejune to have asked it.

  • They are still people

    Even though they are not technically a citizen of our great country, it is still a crime to physically do harm to another individual. Whether or not they are a U.S. citizen is besides the point. Them being an alien does not stand for grounds of doing harm to them.

  • People are people.

    It should be a crime to harm anybody, regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexuality and immigration status. People are people. Why would it suddenly be okay to kill somebody just because they aren't a citizen? Does that mean it's okay for someone to kill me because I do not live in their country or do not share their beliefs? Absolutely not. Murder is murder no matter how you do it or who you do it to. Abusing, raping, killing.... All of those things are illegal. It's a criminal violation no matter who gets hurt and the perpetrator should be prosecuted accordingly.

  • The law is the law and morality and ethics do not discriminate.

    Laws apply to everyone, not just those with citizenship. An illegal alien should be fined, deported, or prosecuted, whatever the law states. A person that harms one "Just Because" should face the same charges as if they shot a citizen.

    Just imagine you visit a foreign country and overstay your welcome 2 days because you missed your flight, you couldn't get another one and violence against illegals was legal. You're there illegally. Doesn't matter if it is 2 days or 2 years. You're illegal. I personally wouldn't want to see a world where that was standard policy.

    Some of these questions make me wonder.

  • They are still humans

    As such, they are granted all of the basic rights set forth by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To harm an illegal immigrant would be a gross overstepping of this charter.

    Beyond this, why would anyone want to harm an illegal immigrant? One must question what type of person you are if you would allow such a thing to occur.

  • Illegal immigrants are human too.

    If someone killed an illegal immigrant then that should be a crime. If we don't apprehend that killer just because his victim was an illegal immigrant then we are putting society in danger of killing someone else, including citizens. Is that what we really want. And to release a killer just because his victim was an illegal immigrant puts society in danger. Someone who harms an illegal immigrant can also harm a citizen, a child, anyone. Is that what we really want?

  • Equality to all

    Although they are illegal aliens, they have no right to be mistreated. It is not right for them to stay here illegally but the lack of citizenship doesn't make them less than anyone else. All people should be treated equally in such case and no one deserves to be harmed.

  • Yes, and it already is.

    Murder is still a crime. Whoever shot Lee Harvey Oswald is still a murderer. This is why high profile suspects are escorted by armed guards, and wear armor. Illegal aliens should be deported or given asylum, depending on the individual case. As things stand now, most need to be deported. But they have a right to live, just not here.

  • Illegal immigrants are still ordinary people.

    Lets say I was walking down the street. A man, who is a legal immigrant, from say, Brazil, shoves me. I get mad, and turn around and punch him in the face, then start beating him. Odds are, I would be arrested for assault. Now lets say the same thing happens, but instead of a legal immigrant, it's an illegal one, from, say, Cuba. Does that make what I did any less illegal? It shouldn't. Imagine you were that Cuban immigrant. How would you feel, knowing I could do whatever I want to you, even beat you until you're all but dead, and I'd still get away with it?

  • Yes. Even criminals (before and after conviction) have legal rights . . . .

    It is ABSOLUTELY a crime to do harm to an illegal alien. Criminals (before and after conviction) have legal rights, and denying them rights is a violation of the law. The state and federal government, upon apprehending a criminal suspect, must read him his miranda rights and acknowledge his rights under the law, even though he may have commited a criminal act.

    Doing harm to an illegal alien is a criminal violation and will be prosecuted under state and/or federal law!

  • ILLEGAL ALIENS shouldn't be protected by Laws

    If someone is in the USA illegally should they be protected by state laws and the constitution? If they are here illegally shouldn't they be able to be assaulted or robbed without an American citizen being charged with a crime? Them being here is a crime so why should they be protected by state laws?

  • Constitutional Rights of Americans

    Even though this situation in particular is morally ambiguous, The law and constitutions are to be held under US Jurisdiction only. Since Illegal Aliens are not under US Jurisdiction in legal terms, Constitutional laws do not apply to them as they should not be inside the country in the first place.

  • Kill them all

    They break numerous laws with no recourse. Its time to take the fight to them. Mexican president supports them therefore its a government sponsered invasion which is an act of war. They are considered the enemy at this point, therefore we must stop this invading army from destroying our country. To arms!

  • Itshould not be a crime to harm a illegal aliens

    Illegals are among some of this countries most violent plague. And since they are not citizens they should not be protected by our laws. We're spending rediculous amounts of money every year to protect illegals for what just so they could turn arounf and say fuck america. STOP WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS ON ILLEGAL ALIENS OF THIS COUNTRY.

  • Kill em all

    PC has become a Cancer, I have lost complete confidence in my government(s). Career politicians clearly don't care about this invasion from the south. As Americans we are all responsible for our solvency, so if we have to get nazi on wetbacks then so be it.

    Just be greatful we have the FEMA camps in place already.

  • They don't abide by our laws

    They are not entitled to protection under our laws if they are not here legally. Imagine the situation reversed. If you were in their country illegally, do you think they would give two craps about you? Yes, we should try and take the moral high road and care for them even if they don't care for us but we are not obligated to. To be forced to oblige them invites them to abuse our hospitality which they do. If you took in an illegal immigrant in and provided for them and the next day 300 showed up at your door; would you like someone to tell you that you now MUST care for them? Would you? Could you? Should you? How about those people stay in their country and fight to change things there instead of running away from their problems and expecting people to pity them. These people are not willing to sacrifice anythingfor their country but everything to runaway. They want everything handed to them. I will say a lot of them know the value of hard work but they need to stand and fight for themselves and their country not rely on a new one.

  • They are breaking the law

    Laws don't apply to non citizens .So they can be harmed. If we were able to harm them then they would be less likely to cross into a country illegally. How come we can execute people who are US citizens but not a bunch of law breaking, no skill, poor and less educated illegal aliens.

  • The laws of the United States do not extend to those who are not U.S. citizens.

    You have no legal rights in the United States unless you are a citizen of the United States, that's just a fact.
    If that were true, Illegal Aliens would have the right to an attorney if they were ever captured.
    But they don't have the right to Legal Representation in Court, they would all be arguing why they should be allowed to stay in the United States, and Jury Nullification would make it possible for them to win their cases.
    But this lunacy isn't allowed, because Illegal Aliens do not pay taxes that would be used to pay the Attorney.

  • They are NOT citizens of the United States

    Not being a citizen or being in the United States should give you no rights. Just being here you are breaking the law. So how can a citizen of the United States possibly be charged with a crime trying to protect their life and liberty. Just become a citizen by legal means and no problems.

  • They are not citizens of the United States.

    I am not protected by German law, Russian law, Australian law, Chinese ;aw, Canadian law, or any other country in the worlds laws...Why? Because I am a citizen of the United States. I have no rights in those countries because I am not one of their citizens. I have to follow their laws while I'm in their country. I have to show a passport, and sometimes have a visa to visit. If I don't leave their countries when I am supposed to, I will be locked up in jail. The illegal aliens are here illegally. Just by coming here they've already broken the law. If they are willing to break US law just by being here, what makes you think that they will abide or respect anything else about our country. They are here illegally. They aren't citizens, therefore they are not protected under the constitution. They have no rights. Technically you could shot and kill them and not be tried in a US court, since they aren't a citizen. Their family could file a civil suit, or the case could be tried in an international court, but the dead illegal could not be lawfully represented by any United States district attorney since they are not a citizen.

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AnonyFeline says2013-07-16T09:11:40.453
By this logic, aren't all people who are not descendants of Native Americans considered illegal aliens?
Juris_Naturalis says2013-07-16T18:19:24.627
You could look at it as we conquered the land so it's ours now.