• It's disloyal and unhygienic.

    I find it surprising that no one voted yes. Imagine what will follow if your spouse finds out. Even if there is no breakup, the relationship will never be the same again. Trust would ceased to exist. Plus, it's unclean. What if you transmit sexual diseased, and worse, infect your partner? That would be unfair and cruel. Enforcing such a law is not a problem, you can always have the spouse to testify. Also, being an atheist, I don't think this have anything to do with religions, but more of a personal conduct. If you can't even manage personal life well, how are people to trust you to do a good job in many other areas?

  • It says in the bible

    It clearly says in the bible not to have sex before you are married. And also it's better if you wait for when you are married so that God will bless it. And if you do do it, it will more than likely ruin your life. So, God bless you.

  • Yes, it breaks down society.

    Yes, it should be a crime to have sex outside of marriage, because sex outside of marriage breaks down all of society. It is not good when a woman or man cheats on their spouse. That it breaks down their family breaks down all of society a little bit. As a society, we need to set morals, and we are legitimate to decide that this is unacceptable behavior.

  • In some ways it is almost needed.

    I understand my argument will be one that has been repeated many times but having sex is a way of testing the waters for long term comparability. I don't mean to be crude but if you have a small women(vaginally speaking) and she falls in love with a male that has a large penis, this can cause some serious comfort & health issues. Comfort being that the penis will go deep enough in the vagina to hit the cervix. Health issue is that the previous comfort issues will also result in cervix damage. There can also be a tear between the vagina opening and the anus. Now you don't need to have sex per say, there are other ways to gauge this but sex is a important part of a relationship.

  • It would be near impossible to enforce such law.

    It would be extremely hard to punish persons who are accused of breaking such a crime without the evidence to severely violate their privacy. Such a law would also be enforcing a common religious belief on people who may or may not be religious and does not believe sex outside of marriage is immoral. Other animals and creatures do it all the time, now I'm not saying because animals don't need a certificate or ceremony to procreate we shouldn't as well, it's just something to think about.

  • No but if you are married and you don't have permission from your spouse then it should be a tort

    If you are married and the expectation is monogamy then it is wrong to cheat on your spouse. But it's just not the sort of wrong that rises to the level of "criminal". If your spouse divorces you your spouse should be allowed to sue you for adultery in a civil court.

    On the other hand, If you had permission from your spouse, If it's an open marriage, Or the spouses were part of a threesome then that is OK, Since there is no disloyalty or dishonesty there.

  • It's a personal matter.

    Some married couples agree to let each other sleep with other people. Maybe one of them doesn't want sex, one of them has a sexual disease, one of them is unable to create children, or they simply don't think sex is such a personal thing. Whatever the reasons, it happens, so it would be a nuisance to make it illegal.

    And if it is a case of cheating, then that's the couple's private matter. It's for them to sort out among themselves. If you make it illegal, then there must be a consequence (Eg. A fine, or prison). And this consequence is going to make it even harder for the couple to fix their relationship (which in most cases is the ideal).

  • No, it should not be a crime to have sex outside of marriage.

    No, it should not be a crime to have sex outside of marriage. Cheating on a spouse should not be a crime in my opinion. It would just be another waste of tax payers money. Not everybody thinks of marriage the same way and some spouses turn a blind eye to cheating as long as they are living a comfortable life.

  • It should not.

    It should not be a crime to have sex outside of marriage. That is a stupid notion, as the only thing that bans sex outside of marriage is religion. The government should never get involved in any sort of religious matter, and this goes double for sex outside of marriage.

  • Private Matter Between Husband and Wife

    Having sex outside of a marriage while being married should be a civil matter taken up between two spouses. Having sex isn't a crime in America unless someone pays for it outside of Las Vegas. No one wants to hear about someone arrested for having an illicit affair. Jails would become even more overcrowded than they already are and the court system would have even more caseload that it can't handle.

  • It's A Personal Matter

    There are 23 states that currently hold laws against adultery, not to mention that it is fully covered in UCMJ for military personnel, so there are already laws enacted against it. Personally, I don't feel as though it should be crime in the sense that someone could receive jail time or a punishment for it. However, I do think it should hold as grounds for divorce, as well as a reason to favor the other spouse in a divorce proceeding.

  • Why should it be

    Just because some stone age belief set and/or socially awkward people cannot have sex before marriage. Why should the enjoyment of a positive sexual relationship be kept away from people that know how to enjoy life. Its natural and anyone that is against it basically has never had sex. OK, I believe I pushed enough buttons. :)

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