Should it be a felony to steal more than $1000 of grease?

Asked by: watsonk18
  • Stealing grease should be a felony

    The reason I think this because you are still stealing something that is worth money and profit for another person. If you are stealing more than a $1,000 worth of grease, this causes the person who made the grease to lose profit and the cost to make the grease to go away.

  • Stealing Grease should be a felony only after...

    All of the Wall Street fraudsters and Banker Scumbags of the 2009 sub-prime mortgage collapse bailouts are tried and convicted for the trillions they stole from the American people. Until such time, the U.S. Judiciary doesn't have the moral authority to throw the average citizen in jail for anything other than a capital crime. In America, stealing a bicycle can get you life in prison, whereas stealing a hundred million dollars of pensioners' money is perfectly legal. The legal system is so broken, it should be completely destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up. Every judge in America deserves to be fired and jailed for life in one of the for-profit prisons that they have been collecting bribe money from.

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The_Virus says2015-11-04T16:44:33.600
I can't believe how stupid and pointless this question is. God.