Should it be acceptable for a woman to not shave her legs, arms, and armpits?

Asked by: radicaalllll
  • Women don't live to please you men

    It's so funny when a man with hair all over his body has the nerve to judge a woman with her NATURAL body hair. A woman's purpose on this planet is not to look like a perfect little Barbie doll, but to live and to be and look like actual human beings.

  • Good idea love it.

    I support it 100% i always tell my wife to let the hair grow, it looks great. It is there for a reason, just leave it, if people really like you, it will not matter at all. I think only confident women will be able to do this, like to see it go mainstream

  • Why should anyone care about my body hair?

    If you change your body in any way, it should be for yourself, not for other people's expectations. Having body hair is perfectly natural, we share a common ancestor with the chimpanzee and they're /covered/ in body hair. The idea that having body hair is something women should not be entitled to because it's purely reserved for those who identify as male is ridiculous and says a lot about our society. I shouldn't be shamed into shaving my legs to prove my femininity, I should shave my legs because smooth legs feel amazing on bedsheets. Whether I choose to remove body hair or not, it should be my decision and I shouldn't feel pressured to conform to other people's expectations.

  • Nobody has the right to tell another person what to do with their body

    Body hair occurs naturally, and what any person -- male, female, or otherwise -- does with their body hair is their business, and their business only. Women aren't obligated to spend their lives removing every speck of hair on their bodies from the neck downwards so as to be attractive to men (in fact nobody is obligated to change their body in any way in order to fit someone else's ideas of what they should look like). If your partner has the nerve to call you 'disgusting' or 'ugly' because of your natural bodily functions, you're probably better off leaving them and finding somebody who respects you and the decisions you make about your own body.

  • Yes that's okay

    If men want to shave all over they can so why can a woman not choose to look like a chimp if this is what she wants. I think that this should be respected and even promoted especially in feminist circles. This should be a feminist signature look that would tell men all they needed to know.

  • Ridiculous beauty standards.

    It perpetuates the idea of having women define themselves through conventional standards of beauty. I don’t think the amount of body hair you have is the yardstick we want everyone measuring themselves by. Body hair is natural and women don't need to conform to society's expectations in order to be attractive.

  • Of course it's acceptable.

    Women are born with body hair and there is no reason why a person should find it "unacceptable" for a woman to not shave something she naturally has in the first place. In many cultures, shaving body hair is seen as something that should be avoided but in the Western world, it's encouraged and women feel obligated to alter themselves in order to be accepted by society.

  • A double standard

    I dont see why its okay for men to not shave their body hair but not for women. Body hair is natural, theres nothing dirty or smelly about it. The only females that should be hairless are pre-pubescent ones. I find it strange when people find the pre-pubescent look attractive.

  • It's entirely her choice.

    I personally prefer my women smooth from the shoulders down, but that's partially because that's how I am. On the other hand, I prefer my men to be not perfectly clean-shaven. That's my personal opinion though. Each woman's body is her own and she has the right to choose how she likes it groomed.
    Besides, women did not shave at all until the first half of the 20th century. When tank tops came into fashion, razor companies marketed the idea of women having shaven armpits. Only in the fifties and sixties did women begin to shave their legs (for the same reason: the razor companies marketed it as desirable).

  • It's really not just to please men, but to please anyone. I think we should learn to please ourselves.

    One's own grooming rituals and methods are their own, and it's really no question on whether or not it should generally be acceptable. Regardless of gender, feel free to do whatever you want because it's your body, as long as you are happy and healthy with what decisions you make.

  • NO! Absolutley NOT!

    Women should try their best to look their best for their husbands! It is vial and disgusting! A bare woman is the best woman! I don't want a sasquatch for a wife and i certainly dont want my local hookers being yetis! Who do these feminists think they are?! They clearly want to be abhorent and they want to look like men!

  • No it looks manly

    Although a woman has choice to grow hair or not I disagree as its just hairy and obviously men wouldn't like that because its like same as having what a man has. Its not seen as beauty or attractive. I think should be done also for yourself to feel better about looks and not feel manly with hair in them places but its a choice so maybe some people wouldn't mind having that.

  • What's different from a man to a woman?

    No hair on arms, legs, face, armpits is one of the many things that separate a woman from a men. It would simply be nasty. Guys weren't made to look pretty while woman can. Its like asking if men who shave everything should be accepted. Yes but it would be weird.

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Seido says2014-04-26T00:44:35.867
Of course its a person's right to do whatever they want, but I personally find it gross. Perhaps its just societal norms, or perhaps its personal taste. Either way, they can do whatever they want, but I just don't like it.
jaksunmadness says2014-04-26T03:10:44.593
This can easily even go to the women that don't shave their beards