Should it be accepted that women are still being oppressed and silenced?

  • Lol this again

    No please, Stop over-analyzing female oppression! Men are becoming more and more marginalized over time in the name of servitude and pandering.

    Also, Do people even look at the graduation rates of Middle Eastern countries?

    You know why the West is getting invaded? Because many patriarchal countries still have a strong religious and family dynamic

  • The premise is wrong

    Women are definitely oppressed in quite a few countries, Especially islamic countries, But they certainly are not oppressed in the west. In fact, Women are more privileged than men.
    76% of suicides are men
    85% of homeless people are men,
    70% of homicide victims are men,
    men are the majority victims of violent crime,
    men on average serve 64% longer in prison than women,
    men on average are 3. 4x more likely to be imprisoned than women for the same crime,
    women win 90% of custody cases,
    the top 10 dangerous jobs are all dominated by men, Etc.

  • This is the underlying message

    Unless we are addressing the oppression of women everywhere, We will achieve freedom nowhere. We can't continue to advance as a society if in some countries women cannot vote, And they have no freedom to give their opinion. In the 21 Century, Where we see ourself as an advanced society, This is a priority we need to solve.

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