Should it be compulsory for women to get their ears pierced over a certain age?

  • Yes for all over 18

    It would make sense for them to be required over the age of say 18. Ear piercings bring valuable health benefits such as relieving menstrual pain. They also bring elegance and femininity to a womans face. There wouldn't be any positive side effects of not having them done over the age of 18.

  • A woman’s job is to look pretty

    A woman’s place is in the home she should cook clean and look pretty women should be forced to get their ears pierced in order to look pretty so her man has some nice to look at and feel happy seeing his beautiful wife so mandatory ear piercings for all women 17-18

  • It should be the norm

    In our current society, Having pierced ears enables women to demonstrate that they care about their image, Are prepared to look fashionable and pass their concern for themselves and others in a visible way. Women without pierced ears just demonstrate that they want to look dowdy and this should be avoided.

  • Ear lobe piercings are a must

    I find myself agreeing. Most women pierce their ears, It is practically expected, So why not just make it a necessity. Especially when there are barely any negatives.
    To clarify, It should just be a single piercing in each ear lobe that is compulsory.
    The procedure is only mildly painful, The risk of infection is low if sanitary practises are followed and it is easy to heal from. The only real reason why you wouldn't get it is for religious reasons, These types could be exempt.
    The benefits of having ear piercings far outweigh any negatives, As the other replies suggest; besides improving aesthetics, Piercings offer health benefits, (particularly to women), So why wouldn't you want to ensure every woman lives as heathily as possible.
    I agree with the other comments that it should be done somewhere in the teens. Maybe around 15-18, Earlier is fine, But it should be a must some point in that age range. Potentially there could be inspections in schools, Where girls have to demonstrate the ability to put in a pair of earrings, If they can't the piercing is done then and their. This isn't much different to how vaccines are distributed in schools. After this it would be the responsibility of schools and workplaces to ensure every woman wears a pair of earrings as a basic part of any dresscode.

  • No that’s wrong

    Yes a woman should try to look pretty for her husband so he has something pretty to look at but the government should not force women to get her ears pierced because that is tyranny And wrong they should feel pressure from society but never should it be mandated because its a vailation of individual rights

  • Why? You shouldn't be forced

    Why is this even a debate? You should not be forced to stab your ear. Also, To the guy who said "Ear piercings bring valuable health benefits such as relieving menstrual pain. ", Theres a reason why we aren't forced by law to only eat healthy food. It might look pretty, But women should have a choice.

  • It's Her Choice

    Someone remind me what time period this is? If a woman wants to have her ears pierced, Then cool, Okay, That's her choice. But someone, Man or woman, Should NEVER be forced or pressured to have a physical change made to their body without their consent. Especially not for such a petty reason as looks.

  • Women aren't made to please men.

    Women do not exist to please men period. Ear piercings for the most part go unrecognized you would not notice if a woman isnt wearing any. PLUS replying to the person "Women are made to look pretty" Are you saying that because women never shoved a needle through her ears she is no longer pretty? Or that earrings are an essential part to being considered beautiful? Its a womans body not yours. They don't exist to only attract men

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