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  • Why would anyone want to convert to a clearly NON-Christian sect.

    There are so many anti-Christian beliefs and practices in the catholic teachings that they are clearly not Christian. While they profess belief in Jesus as our savior, they put Mary (the mother of Jesus) on an equal or higher pedestal than Jesus. They pray to Mary and other "saints" who are supposed to intercede between us and God, but Biblically that is strictly the position that Jesus holds. They believe that the pope is the Jesus on Earth, and that he is infallible, but he is clearly just a man who has a massive following of deluded individuals.

    So my answer is no, it should be impossible for anyone to convert to this blasphemous sect.

  • The current conversion process for Anglicans to Catholicism should not be changed.

    To become a full fledged adult in the Catholic Church, there are sacraments that need to be preformed. The majority of Catholics complete these sacraments from birth up until the age of 13 or whenever their individual church dictates that they will receive them. Baptism, Communion, Reconciliation, and Confirmation are all completed over the years through schooling and CCD classes. So for Anglicans to convert, they can take an RCIA class to complete them. Conversion is a life altering matter, so anyone willing to convert to the church of Catholicism should have to take the class and learn the sacraments and teaching of the church so that they can ultimately decide if this is the lifestyle that they want before receiving the sacraments.

  • No, they have a right to do there thing

    How can you say one religion is right over another? Its what this country stands for and always will. I doubt the founding fathers would be happy with a movement like that. The world can think what they want, if they are not slaughtering people, let them do their thing.

  • Religion should not be easy.

    No, it should not be easier for Anglicans to convert to Catholicism, because there are large differences between Anglicans and Catholics. Religion should not be something that a person switches on and off from easily. Anglicans need to make sure they are sound in the Catholic principles before they commit to converting.

  • Catholicism can set its own rules

    In an institution such as the Catholic church, people need to simply accept that they are going to play by the rules they have established. Even though there may be popular outcry over a certain issue, the church is simply not obligated to change its behavior. Although one may personally believe it should be easier for Anglicans to convert to Catholicism, ultimately the church is within its rights to decide however it would like.

  • No, Not Really

    I do not believe it should be easier for Anglicans to convert to Catholicism. I believe converting to Catholicism can be difficult and it doesn't really matter where you started out at, just so long as you aren't already a Catholic. The process for conversion is complicated and includes classes.

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