• Win-win for the felon and society

    When it's hard for people to get jobs they resort to crime to make a living. As much as you may wish that a felon will just accept a lowly station and not resort to crime to reach the level of success that they want wishing does not change people's behavior. Furthermore even if they did that it wouldn't be positive for society. If someone has potential then it is better for the economy and so for society at large if the person uses that potential.

    We should make it illegal, except in a few exceptional cases for employers to request or to obtain a person's criminal records. Some of you might be reading this and thinking this is an extreme idea. It's not. France is one nation that has this as its policy. The only exception is that if you try to work in financial services you must give a full disclosure of financial crimes.

    Crime as a whole would go down and the economy would improve. Giving people a second chance is a win-win for everyone. Anyone who truly does not deserve a second chance should just life without parole in the first place. If we're letting them out we should truly give them a second chance, instead of treating them like second class citizens. Give them a second chance entirely, or leave them in prison. Anything in the middle is a lose-lose situation for the ex-con and society.

  • Yes, felons need a chance.

    Yes, criminal records shouldn't be allowed in job decisions unless it is a violent crime. People need to be able to provide for themselves and to be given a chance to be a part of society. Without a job felons almost have no choice to commit crime again in order to support themselves.

  • Felons are not bad people, well most of them

    It should be easier for felons to get jobs. After a felon is released from prison it can be very difuclt to start his life again. Even if he wants to stay away from crime and live legally, it is very difficult to get a good job, find a good house, and get credit. Any job that requires a background check is instantly unattainable, especially in today job market. This can help motivate ex-felons to return to their past life.

  • Yes, felons should be able to find jobs faster than they are currently.

    Yes, it is hard for felons to find any sort of job. There would be less felons going back to prison if it was easier for them to transition to life outside of prison. Many felons turn back to their old ways because it is so hard for them to find good footing on life.

  • They should be ready to work to find work

    Felons do not need things handed to them on a silver platter when they get out. While they should get assistance so that they can rejoin society, they should not just have jobs handed to them given how many are unemployed and struggling to find work as it is. Help them, but leave it ultimately up to them.

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