• They Are People Too

    I have seen what has been done to those who have been caught. It is inarguably an infringement on human rights. Many of these people have run from incredibly dangerous situations, And locking them in cages or sending them back TO those situations is most definitely the worst way to do it.

  • Yes, Common people with the love of USA and life they want to live

    Should have a much more reasonable experience with becoming a citizen of the USA then what is currently experienced. I am a "normal" person, I am a good person who wants to live in the USA, I love the country and have visited it many times and love it's geography and people, But since Im a normal person who does not have 8 years exp with school and a career, Or millions of dollars to start a business and become a american that way, The path for me as a "normal" person is very difficult and I would not likely become a citizen.

  • Yes, it should be easier for immigrants to gain citizenship.

    The resistance to offering an easy path to citizenship is understandable. People fear that making citizenship too easy will encourage immigrants to come and take jobs from American citizens, or even worse to come and leech off our welfare system. This ignores the fact that for more than 200 years the country was built up by successive waves of immigrants coming to America with the dream of one day being citizens. Each of these waves experienced their own push backs. The Irish, the Italians, and others were considered to be intruders that were out to undercut the current labor force, but they are now considered an integral part of our national heritage.

  • The bureaucratic process for obtaining citizenship is too complicated.

    The bureaucratic process for obtaining citizenship is very long and complicated. Many people are stuck in the system for years without any certainty about whether or not they will be able to obtain citizenship. This greatly affects their ability to establish families, obtain jobs, obtain educations, etc. Although the process shouldn't necessarily be easier, it should be less complicated and more brief.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe it should be easier for immigrant to gain full citizenship. I wish this was the case across countries because I would leave the United States if that were the case. I personally think we would be better off to allow people to move freely rather than restrict it based on our own non-existant lines.

  • Yes, I think it should be easier for immigrants to gain full citzenship.

    I think if someone is willing to work and pay taxes in this country and stay out of legal trouble then there should be a pathway for them to obtain citizenship that is simple and easy. I think that just ignoring these people and making it very hard for them to gain legitimate standing is not helpful to anyone.

  • No, because it would not serve to better the country.

    If we are taking in a large portions of different countries' poorest citizens, this is going to further imbalance America's current poor population. What I think should be done is to accept immigrants based on the countries' needs, rather than a first come, first served basis. That is, if we need more teachers, doctors, plumbers, therapists, etc., then we should give citizenship to those individuals. One of the most common reasons I have heard to support the latter is that "immigrants are willing to do what Americans are not." This has many immoral and inaccurate assumptions attached to it.

  • No, it should not be easier for immigrants to gain full citizenship

    The steps to becoming a United States citizen are not so difficult that no one can become a citizen. Proof of residency, questions about their history, documents to prove identity, a test about some aspects of the United States and what it represents - these are some of the things an immigrant must deal with in order to become a citizen. Each year there are hundreds of thousands of immigrants who become citizens. It must be a reasonable process or there wouldn't be so many people making their way through it. If it is too easy to become a citizen - just sign your name and sing the Star Spangled Banner - it would not mean nearly as much. Things you have to work for are ultimately much more meaningful and prized.

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