Should it be easier for women to access sterilization?

  • Why should there even be a debate, nobody has a right over someone else's body!

    It is unthinkable that women in the 21st century have no right over their bodies. I do not see a point behind the propoganda that all women want to be mothers at some point in thier lives. Some do not. What is even more annoying is that women are not being told compelete truth about preganacy and it's side effects.

  • What's the goal of making it harder?

    I personally never want children and I don't think I would ever be a good mother. I'm painfully aware of everyone always saying I'll change my mind when I'm older and that's why I want easier access to this service soon, so if I do change my mind (likely only due to external pressuring) I won't have that risk left to me and I can stand firm on my determination.

  • Yes women should have rights to their bodies

    Currently it is very hard for women (especially those who are un-wed and/or childless or under 30 years of age) to obtain permanent contraceptive methods like sterilization. Some places even in America require women to already be mothers to a certain number of children (sometimes going so far as to specify the sex of those kids) prior to sterilization. In many cases consent of a romantic partner/spouse (if the person has one) may be required. Men however face less restrictions. (they usually don't have as long of pre op waiting periods, number of offspring requirement or age restrictions) so why should women?

  • My reproductive rights belong to ME, not the church or state.

    Abortion is under attack. Birth control is under attack. Fathers aren't forced to take an active lives in the children they create. Where is ANY of this a win win for the woman? You can't have no access to abortion and turn around condemning birth control. When we are in the womb and first born, we have no choices. Those choices are made for us. When a woman reaches the age of adulthood, she is legally responsible for her actions...But she is not always allowed to make those decisions on her own. Somehow many in our society believe that women have to have mens permission for damn near everything. I'm sorry...But if my life is at risk, I really don't give two hoots what ANY mans opinion is...I will do what I need to do to stay alive, just as he would. If men could have babies, I guarantee abortion would be viewed differently, birth control would be more readily available, etc. Because the typical man would NEVER chance getting pregnant twice. If a woman has cancer, why should she ask permission from a man to get proper medical treatment. I don't see any men needing a permission slip signed by women when they have prostate cancer.

  • Their body, their choice.

    Some people just don't want to be mothers. Some have known that they don't want to be mothers for their entire lives. However, the 'rules' of being able to be sterilized and the hesitation from health professionals when trying to be sterilized is ridiculous.

    Waiting until you're thirty or older? Waiting until you have children already? People who haven't had kids already probably want to be sterilized so they don't risk having any, and forcing people to wait until they're older, if they're say, in their twenties, is also pretty stupid.

    If a man wants a vasectomy, be it if whether he has kids already, or regardless of his age, no one sees any problem with that. So why the hesitation when it comes to a woman wanting her tubes tied?

  • It should be impossible for women to access sterilization.

    Ladies, are you having the pleasure of sex while not taking the responsibility of having children? I am a female myself, and I oppose sterilization even if we're not having sex. It should be impossible for ladies to access sterilization. Sterilization is robbing the meaning and purpose of having sex. It is undignified. God gives the divine gift of sexual intercourse, and it is to give birth to a generation of children. If you want to be a virgin all your life, sure! Why not? But sterilization? It's like cutting off your own arm. This body is God's. Not ours, sterilization is like cutting an organ inside your body. It might not be important for your health, but we are here to minister God's will, not to be against it. If you want to get the pleasure, it is irresponsible not to take the burden.
    And, God had offered a helping hand for us that feels our burden is too heavy anyway. When God helped our burden, it will not be too heavy anymore, so no point in sterilization in the first place.

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