• Yes, it should be easier to pay off student loans.

    The military industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about is still thriving and is a great analogy for our higher education complex. Public institutions used to provide higher education that a person could quickly pay off in the working world. Now colleges charge an arm and leg, waste millions on administration and sports, and put adults into debt without giving them a good education.

  • It should be easier to pay off student loans.

    The educational system in America is broken, and one major piece of evidence to support that fact is the crushing amount of student loan debt currently plaguing young Americans today. With a larger than ever percentage of young people with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, it is en epidemic that must be solved if Millenials hope to accrue any wealth in the short and long term.

  • Student loans shouldn't be a debt for life

    Student loans need to be paid off in an easier way and without fear. Many people are afraid to go into education because of the loans, so companies that hire them need to help them pay off their loans or offer a low interest or interest free period to help student repay their loans according to what they are earning.

  • student loan payment

    Yes of course I think that it should be easier to pay off student loans. People are trying to go to school to better themselves and to have a good job. Why should these people who want to succeed in life be faced with debt from the start while other people who are on government assistance get free money.

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