• The cold war is over

    The old excuses fall away to modern rationalism. There is 'red threat', no communist party trying to upsurp our way of life, no suspicious Chinaman stealing our children.

    The modern world is that of equals, that of the internet, that government red tape has no right nor need to block. Besides, how many TRILLIONS of Dollars of business flows both ways between the 2 undisputed superpowers of the modern world.

  • Business is Important

    United States and its citizens have extensive business ties with China. Making it easier to travel there would facilitate those ties and would allow more business relationships to emerge. China is a world cultural, social and economic power. We must accept that and encourage connections between China and the U.S.

  • I believe it should be easier.

    The United States does have a love/hate relationship with China. I do, however, think it is in our best interest economically and politically to make travel as safe and easy as possible. Anything we can to do to keep a somewhat friendly relationship with China would be good for us, at least for now.

  • They have a strong economy.

    Yes, it should be easier to travel to China from the United States, because it would help with relationships between the two countries. We should allow people from each country to experience the other country for themselves, rather than forming their impressions about the country based only on what the government tells us, or what you see at the China exhibit at Epcot.

  • It should not be easier to travel from China to the USA, nor should it be from Jamaica to Alaska.

    The fact that China and the USA are both 2 major superpowers does not mean they should use their money to accentuate this ever widening gap between them and the rest of the world. In doing so, they would create a 'uncompetitive market' in which other countries would not be able to join for the very fact that massive capital is needed.

  • No, it should not be easier to travel to China from the U.S.

    No, it should not be easier to travel to China from the U.S. Security procedures are put in place for a reason, and with the population in China additional measures should be taken. Many viruses have come from Asia, and the risk of contamination increases with each travel. Making it easier would encourage more people to travel and increase the risk as a whole.

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