Should it be illegal for children to date before 16?

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  • I'm not really sure

    I'd say "yeah," but not "yes." My female cousin said I'm supposed to be 16 to have a girlfriend. But my female teacher also told me that as a freshman I'm not really ready to be in a relationship. And yes guys, I may be a little off topic, but it does have a little to do with dating, but social media affects the ENTIRE school. Preschool. Kindergarten. Elementary. Middle. High. University. Doesn't matter.

  • I think they should

    We should be able to date before the age of 16 because we can chose for are selves and are parents are the only ones who can tell is yes you can date or no you can't. I'm 16 and I can date when I want to or not and no one can tell me no but my parents.

  • YES! It is just not right to date under the age of 16. Maybe not illegal but against rules at school etc.

    Wouldn't it be just so awkward to have your parents drive you to your date? It would only make sense for you to drive you to your date. I personally would hate to have my mom drive and pick up your date. What would you do if you had to drive your child to their date and make them feel nervous and awkward. I think no one should date before the age of 16 because it just isn't worth it. Also if your "boyfriend/girlfriend" breaks you heart at a young age of 15 or below would be really hard on you. Another thing is that it shouldn't be completely illegal but at least against rules in school etc.

  • I think it is and should be fully legal for all days, as a right of free love amoung people!

    It is a right that every child should love who they choose and AS THEY CHOOSE! Now being gay I strongly feel that each man, boy,women, and girl should be able to freely love who ever they wish NO MATTER THE GENDER OR AGE!!! I have had loves snatched right from out under my arms, and say that when you feel it ACT IT! Enjoy love when its there and remember it when its gone!

  • There is nothing bad about dating.

    As long as both parents trust each of the children and the children don't end up doing something that they shouldn't do then dating should be perfectly fine. As long as both of the people in the paring know their priorities and can keep them can know it and keep their priorities straight then it should be fine.

  • How would you go about finding/punishing these kids?

    Would you be willing to have two 10 year olds arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to pay fines or go to jail for dating each other? That's not only unrealistic to try to enforce, but completely absurd and detrimental to society as a whole. What would your rational be for it? Because it would distract them from school? Well you don't think alienating and convicting children would distract them? We have too many useless laws on the books already. The last thing we need is more laws that do nothing to make this country a better place.

  • Dating before 16 should be legal

    There is nothing wrong with dating before the age of 16. Just because there is a law saying that you cannot date before sixteen, doesn't mean you wont start being attracted to someone else--it is a natural occurrence and cannot be stopped just by a law. If dating before sixteen was illegal my parents wouldn't be married and I would have never been conceived. Making dating illegal also doesn't stop kids and teens from having sex, if that is the concern regarding this topic.

  • It should be the parents decision.

    I think its perfectly fine for a teenager to date by the time there sixteen or maybe even before. It should be the parents decision when they think they want there kid to start dating. Being a teenager is difficult so to have a partner there when you need one is normal. The law should have no say in when teens can start dating.

  • That would be difficult and near pointless to enforce

    Why should it be illegal for children under 16 to date? The only reason I can think of is that some children under 16 aren't very mature and can make naive decisions within the relationship or not take it seriously. However, that doesn't seem like a reason to bring LAW into it. No matter what age, there are naive people and poor relationships, you'll never be able to totally put a stop to it. Also, dating is a form of socializing which is a healthy part of life.

    If under 16's were to be legally unable to date, how would this law be enforced? People would need to report others going on dates...And then what? They would receive a warning, a fine, a sentence? What a waste of police time. The law should have no say in dating matters.

  • There is nothing dangerous about dating.

    I think we should allow young teenagers to explore their sexuality and take part in some youthful amusements. Pubescent boys and girls are very curious and are also going through a difficult period of change during puberty so having a partner to rely on can be helpful and distract from life's daily adversities.

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