Should it be illegal for parents to let their kids play games/watch movies that aren't appropriate for their age?

  • Of course it should

    Should have been like this in the first place. Think about it: It's giving the wrong stuff to the wrong people. You shouldn't give a gun to a psycho, you shouldn't give a lighter to a pyromaniac, you shouldnt give a rope to a suicidal person. And yet all these things are legal. The criminal here is the person who gives, in this case the parent. He's not only destroying the childs psyche, but also blaming it on others.

  • Yes they should.

    It is there own choice to make that decision, they shouldn't if the kid can't handle the violence, gore, sexual content, etc. If they can't they shouldn't do that, but they have the right to make choices for what the want for their own kids. I don't think anyone else really has the right to tell them what to o with their children unless its extremely crazy choices.

  • Guns kill people NOT GAMES!

    This is a very popular topic being the recent events happening in the past decade, But the bottom line is that if we want to protect our kids from guns keep the guns from the kids. I'm sure a 15 year old kid has the brain capacity to know the value of life and should have moral set by his parents. So lets actually take a stand in this discussion AND RAISE OUR CHILDREN and not let Video games raise our kids.

  • It's not up to the parents.

    Laws have to be enforced. This takes time and resources. Moreover, if letting kids view these media was illegal, the children would eventually find a way to obtain them all on their own - assuming the law is at all enforceable. Ultimately, the most that could be done is for parents to properly educate their children on these media.

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