Should it be illegal to burn copies of the Qur'an and draw Muhammad?

Asked by: Therearenogods
  • Why would you want to offend a religion?

    They're a religion, just like burning a Bible would just be wrong, why would you purposely want to spread hate and provoke a religious group by burning their book? That's all it would do and there's no reason to do so.

    As for drawing Muhammad, if in they're religion it's wrong to do so and considered offensive, why do people do it? I mean there's no real reason BUT to spread hate and provoke people. It causes unnecessary hate to raise and terrorists who go around and start killing in the name of their religion which is even more wrong which is why if the whole situation can be avoided by just respecting each other's religion, then who wants to purposely ruin it? Why be disrespectful to a religion if you have the choice not to?

  • If you are honest, then burn also the copies of Torah and the Gospel!!!

    The Islam is not same with you are watching from TV. We are respecting and counting all 3 religions that they are Abrahamic religions. All 3 books sent by God (Allah) and should be saved. We will die in a day so, however you will answer to the question which you burned that God's speeches???

  • Don't be daft

    I should be free to burn anything I own and draw anything I want.
    Religion should be open to ridicule just like any other extraordinary claim.

    If I believed that my god was coal and burning it deeply offended me would we all have to stop burning coal? No pictures of coal either!

  • Of course not, it's just a book, it's just a drawing

    Just as the religious have the freedom of religion, the non-religious have the freedom of speech which fully covers the right to offend.
    No religion should have special permissions. If you make burning the Qur'an illegal, the burning of ALL religious books has to be illegal. But, that's stupid and incredibly difficult to enforce.
    Religion is a belief and just because one person might believe with all of their heart doesn't mean that a non-believer has to tip toe around their feelings. Additionally, being that God is so powerful, I doubt he requires your protection of his holy book. If he had such a problem with it, he'd probably do something about it.

  • Separation of religion and state.

    Never should religion and a governing authority be intertwined. The purpose for a governing state is to facilitate justice and nothing more. Laws are to be based on what is commonly agreed upon, not the values stated in any religious holy book. When the time comes that religion and state mingle, the purpose of law being in our interest is disregarded.

  • Freedom of expression.

    If you burn someone's book and they threaten you with death in the name of that book, then maybe it should be mandatory to burn it.

    I have nothing against making a statement by burning a holy book, if you care about your religion, you'll dismiss that act as someone simply being against what you believe in and leave it at that. You won't behead them or threaten them.

  • Freedom of speech is under threat

    If religion tells us we can't do something they are forcing their religious rules on everyone. They can have their religious rules and follow them, fine, but when you want to influence other people, you need real arguments.

    Sadly many westerners are also religious and have far too much respect for it. Causing speech to not be so free as it should be.

  • The right to offend is essential

    There are a few limitations towards the freedom of speech.:
    1.What you are saying cannot be purposely wrong
    2.What you are saying cannot violate somebodies right to life, liberty, health, or property
    Burning a Quran does not do any of the above. Therefore, it would be a terrible idea to make it illegal! There is no constitutional right protecting somebodies feelings. If you were to drawing Muhammad or burning Qurans, then you might as well not have the freedom of expression. The reason freedom of speech exists is so that unpopular ideas can be broadcasted

  • Freedom is most important

    Freedom of speech, the right to offend, the right to draw muhammad and burn the Qur'an if you want to, are MUCH more important than the right of certain groups, wrong as they most likely are about the origins of the universe in the first place, to avoid offense. The ayatollah of Iran calling for the death of somebody who slandered the Qur'an years ago being treated as if it wasn't such a big deal is a disgrace.

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