• Yes, it should be...And this is why..

    In most other countries, burning their countries flag is illegal. Not to say if other countries do something we should too. However, making a law against the flag being burned isn't absurd. If you live in america, it should be illegal. If it's by mistake that's one thing, but if intentional then yes. Other countries constantly get enraged over "disrespect" towards their flag and not even burning it. Why are why so out of line all of a sudden for holding up those same exact expectations. In Italy, two americans may be jailed and fined for "vandalizing" the coliseum. They never did any real vandalism just disrespect. They carved tiny little initials into the wall and took a selfie. Not that they should have done it, but jail and fine!? A bit excessive. Don't hold double standards please...

  • Yes is it should

    You are living in the country that supports you and lets you live freely. To burn the American flag is just wrong. If you disagree with what the American flag stands for you have the ability to leave the country, it is so choice. I'm not saying you need to be a hard core patriot, but show respect to the people who fought to make the flag and build this great nation.

  • The American Flag is a Flag of Pride and Freedom

    People risk their lives every day to protect the American flag and our freedoms. If you are unhappy with the way America works, please get out of here. In America, there is freedom of speech, I just don't think burning a flag of freedom and pride will cross that line. All I can say is that America is the only country that will protect the Confederate flag (SC, GA, FL, MS, LA) but will let anyone destroy the flag of our freedoms

  • My feelings are more important than freedom of expression

    How dare you burn the American flag and hurt my patriotic feelings. Freedom of expression is less important than my right to smoke weed and drink moonshine at 1 in the afternoon with my sister wife in my pickup truck while my beloved son brings my AR15 to school for show and tell. LONG LIVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  • Burning the american flag is disrespectful to all american soldiers who are and have served

    The burning of the american flag is said to be freedom of speech but there is no speaking that can be done to make it the right thing to do to burn the american flag, the symbol of our great country and the symbol that our troops fight so bravely to keep up and respected.

  • Why so patriotic?

    It's not like the US has the only army in the world. Other troops in other countries fight as well.
    Also, if someone sets a US flag on fire in their bedroom, how do you know if they burn it. You can't put a camera to cover every home in the US! It won't work!

  • It's called freedom of expression

    Did you know that you have to burn an American flag when it's too old and worn out to fly? Would you be in favor of outlawing that? People often burn flags to show their dissatisfaction;they're expressing their opinions. Freedom of expression is protected by our first amendment and it's an inalienable right.What's ironic is that these so called patriots rant and rave about how America is so great because it's free, yet they want to restrict a fundamental freedom.

  • No people should have the freedom to burn a flag.

    People should have the freedom to burn a flag. It is not causing any harm to anyone. I have seen many comments saying how it is disrespectful to the people that fought for our freedom, and how this is a free country and the flag represent all that we have worked towards, but why should something be illegal just because it is disrespectful. That is completely an opinion. Personally I would not burn a flag because I have no need to but if someone feels they need to show their opinion on the country by burning a flag they can. There is nothing wrong with it and although you may thing it is wrong or disrespectful this is a free country and people should have the ability to do this. Also many people have stated if you feel like you need to burn a flag and don't agree with what this country stands for than leave. That may sound like a great solution but some people cannot leave. They have families here and a life here, and most likely do not have the money to leave. They should not have to drop everything in there lives and leave because they do not completely agree with the government and want to burn a flag to show it. That's what this country is about. Having the ability to show your opinions. Just because the opinion is against the government does not mean it should not be allowed to be shown.

  • Share the joy!

    I'm a British man and there is little we love more than burning your flag!
    Personally I think you yanks should have it legal to burn your own flags.
    You seem perfectly capable of massacring your own people so why not burn your own flag too! Share the joy we have of setting your stars and stripes into a blazing fire and reducing it to a pile of ash

  • America is the Land of the Free

    Clearly America is based off of the core ideas of freedom of speech, life, and the pursuit of happiness. People committing this action are not putting anyone else in danger. That said, it is common that if an American flag is ripped or torn, it is burned to honor our country and to not keep a tattered flag.

  • Freedom of speech.

    The government can't deny any one to do that, though society might take their place on that. That is so disrespectful I would step in and say something. And, as a matter of fact, I have said something. These three people were burning a flag and walking down the street, and I just glared at them and a bunch of poeple tried to black them.

    But, like I said, the government has no right to say no and I wouldn't want it to. I think it's the people's job.

  • No, Just No.

    Of course it shouldn't be illegal to burn the American flag. America was built on the concept of free speech, and to legally prohibit American's right to speak against America would be violating the First Amendment.

    However, that being said, if Americans have a right to burn the flag, then I have every right to say whatever I please about those who burn the flag, or to try and prevent it from burning. You have the right to free speech, but that doesn't mean people have to put up with you...

  • No it's just a flag

    Then burn all the fag in the whole world . We don't need the USA flags there terrible the rainbow was better and confederate was better then the us flag . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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