• People should know better.

    Even if you want to burn a flag to protest something that you dislike. Why do it. If you don't like the country move out! If you just want to protest something do something else. You may start an necessary war that could've been avoided. Plus, why go through the hassle and buy a flag, and start a fire...
    ...Just to burn it.

  • Why would you even have the thought?

    Burning the flag is beyond disrespectful. It might be a piece of cloth, but it represents the freedom we are granted. If you burned the flag of your country, why were you ever living in that country to begin with? Don't burn something that belongs to millions of people and give the symbol of freedom if you wouldn't want someone to walk in your home and burn an important artifact that was handed down through generations and have an important, meaningful meaning or symbol to it. Try to burn the flag and I bet the first thing you came face to face with would be a gun.

  • Come on people

    Burning our flag is really disrespectful. It might just be a piece of cloth but its our symbol of freedom and independence. How would you like it if someone just burned an artifact that has been in your families history for centuries huh? I sure as wouldn't go to someone else's country and burn their flag! That would be a good way to get shot!

  • Come on people

    Burning the flag is really disrespectful the flag has been through history since America was first founded. It might just be a piece of cloth but its a symbol of our freedom. What would you be like if you had an item that has been through your family history how would you feel if someone just burned it in front of you?

  • It should be Illegal

    Much like the others have said I believe that if you are in this Country respect the flag. You wouldn't go to another Country and burn there flag, would you? I Sure as hell wouldn't, because I would be shot faster then I could light the match. I do, however, Also believe Burning the flag should be legal IF and only IF it is being respectfully cremated. Other then that one case it should be illegal... And for those of you whom think it shouldn't be... I understand you opinions, but I dare you to go to another Country and burn there flag. See what happens. Good luck.

  • This is logic

    If you live in a country, you respect the flag that represents the country you are living in. Why would you burn the flag that represents the country you are living in? If you hate the country you live in, then why would you live there to begin with? Move to a new country if you hate the one you are living in, don't burn a flag and cause unnecessary conflict.

  • Burning a flag shows disloyalty and disrespect to the country and its history.

    The flag represents the identity of a country, that includes its history where heroes sacrificed their lives. They raised the flag to show unity in fighting against oppresors. Blood had spilled in the flag as the fighting continued. Valued by our heroes and people who died protecting it, the flag should be respected to show appreciation to what our ancestors have done to protect us from others. Any act that shows respect to the flag shall be made illegal.

  • No because it stands against our freedom of expression

    Burning the flag is an expression that we should allow (although be free to oppose in our own demonstrations) as if we ban it we will be doing shame on the people that fought for our freedom to express ourselves. The western world defeated nazism and we shouldn't disservice ourselves as a free nation to stamp out things like that.

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