• Yes, faking one's own death should be illegal.

    Yes, it should be illegal to fake your own death. It is my opinion that people usually fake their own death for illegal reasons, such as fraud or conspiracy. therefore, they should be prosecuted if detectives discover that their death was faked. In addition, faking one's own death causes pain and heartache to those who know the person.

  • Yes, faking ones death constitutes fraud and thus should be illegal.

    Yes, faking ones death results in fraud. Usually, People fake their own death for nefarious reasons, such as to collect on their life insurance policies. There is no altruistic reasons for faking your own death. Further, faking your own death defrauds the government, who makes official declarations that you are deceased.

  • Yes, it should be illegal to fake your own death

    Yes, it should be illegal to fake your own death. When someone fakes his or her own death it tends to be for criminal reasons. Furthermore, someone else could get blamed for it. If someone is being stalker, there may be a good reason to fake one's own death, however, most other reasons are criminal.

  • Yes, faking your own death is purposely misleading an investigation.

    I agree that It should be illegal to fake your own death because many hours and resources are put into investigating any crime. It is also illegal to purposely give false or misleading information to an active investigation. Therefore, by starting out staging a crime that did not happen, you are knowingly giving out false information to the authorities.

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