Should it be illegal to have a seven figure income?

Asked by: Lato1
  • It should be ilegal.

    Many people are very naive. They have small flat or house and car and they are persuaded that everythink is OK. They think that wealthy people deserve seven figures income, because they are owners of big companies so they have to be very competent. Futhermore, they create jobs for many people. Quite the opposite, they exploit people. Their provide job opportunities for people from third world countries in Asia and they are undervalued. It is not a job, it is a slavery. Next, all the welth, all the money of the world are in hands of eight percent of people which is totally immoral. They do not neet so much money, because they are not able to spend it. They do not neet hundreds cars and houses. On the other hand, people from Africa are dying every day, because of starvation.

  • Money in and of its self is not good or bad its a tool.

    Most people with seven figure incomes are business owners or CEOs. They create Jobs and give over 60% of all donations to charities. If all business was like me small business it would be very hard to find a job working for someone else. More and more people would have to find things the can sell online or things that they can do for others for a profit.

  • It's not the money, but the people that are the problem.

    For starters, we live in a land that believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... This being said, if someone honestly makes their way up the ladder or becomes rich because of their success, that isn't their fault. Now when it comes to donating that is a personal choice. From what I've seen many CEO's donate money to places of interest rather than need. For example, they'll donate money to charities where only 60% of the donated money reaches the people in need. This being said, you'd think people like this would help a poor man on a street with some money for food or what not, and not just drive by them. Or if they seen a drug addict, you'd think they'd offer them the chance to get clean by sending them through a detox center. My point is you'd think people who are this rich would help make the society around them better by direct financial support rather than indirect financial support.

    I am not saying all CEO's are horrible people. I'm just saying it'd be nice if they did more direct financial support for people.

    I will say this though.... I can't stand Oprah Winfrey.

  • Why should it be

    The world is not equal and it will never be, and there is no evidence to support that it would even be a good thing if it was.

    Research has found that if you took all the money of the world and spread it out between everyone in the worlds pockets it would soon find its way straight back into the same pockets anyway.

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