• Yes, it should be illegal

    Rabbits are not pets. They are food. And friends. And family. But not pets. Let them coexist with us as equal representatives on this Earth. Give them the proper paperwork to live as we do and flourish as we do, and give them rights as all of us Earth citizens deserve. To refuse them this is to rabbit-shame, and that is intolerant of us rabbit-rights defenders.

  • No, It should Not Be Illegal to Own a Rabbit

    People have owned rabbits for centuries as pets. As long as they are taking care of the animal, people should be allowed to own one. They are good pets to have. They are easy to take care of, you can keep them outside in a cage, and they are good for kids to own. There really is no downside. They do not bark or make other noise that would disturb neighbors. They also live for a good amount of years.

  • Rabbits Are Pets

    As far as I know, there haven't been any reasons as to why rabbits can't be pets as long as they are taken care of. The same goes for any other animal that people usually keep as pets. If rabbits have all the maintenance and care they're supposed to have there shouldn't be anything wrong with having them as pets.

  • Rabbits aren't dangerous.

    I see absolutely no problem with owning a pet rabbit. I feel that there are no risks associated with owning one and it can only enrich your life experiences with your own personal companion, a pet! Pets are essentia, wether it's a dog, cat, or rabbit, I think everyone should have one.

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