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  • Yes it should

    Not wearing a seatbelt IS illegal, and it should stay that way. Seatbelts save lives. I saw guys show off before each other, not wearing seatbelts in a country where it was "strongly recommended" but not required by law. I bet if they knew they were breaking the law, some of them would stop.

  • Yes, fine it

    Wearing a seatbelt helps in accidents far more often than it hurts, so with that knowledge it ends up costing taxpayers and the country tons in medical bills when somebody elects to not use one. It's not a crime worthy of jail time, but it is one worth a small fine to send the message that it's important.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I think that it should be illegal to go without your seat belt, because here in the United States the number of car related deaths is way to high, and seat belts are the main thing that can increase your chances of surviving a car wreck by a whole lot.

  • It sucks balls

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  • Since refraining from wearing a seatbelt does not harm others, it should not be legally enforced.

    When discussing the benefits of seatbelts, it is clear that many lives are protected by properly wearing a seatbelt. Making seatbelts mandatory by law, however, is an intrusion on people's personal choices. Although a person's life is protected by the act of wearing a seatbelt, that same act does not impact anybody else. Wearing a seatbelt will not have any negative or positive safety effect on other drivers. As such, wearing a seatbelt should be left to an individual's personal choice.

  • No, wearing a seatbelt should be a choice.

    When you get into a car, wearing a seat belt is the safe thing to do but their are just as many times that wearing a seat belt can harm you as well. There have been many recorded accidents where if the person was wearing their seat belt, they could have been seriously hurt. In a situation where you need to remove yourself from the car fast, a seat belt is going to hold you back, and possibly cause more harm than good.

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