Should it be illegal to use smartphone maps while driving?

  • It should be illegal to use a smartphone map while driving.

    Smartphones have apps that will talk to you, tell you where you are going or need to go. If you don't have that app, then you should give it to someone else in the car. If by some chance you are traveling alone, pull over. Before there were smartphones, we had to use regular maps. What did you do? You pulled over. Five minutes out of your time could save a life. Yours, your passenger, and the people in the other cars. Take a little time, save a life.

  • Using smartphone maps should be illegal in all states.

    Many of my hometown people are dying because of using their phones when driving. In order to keep our families safe we must make unforgetable laws. How many times have you seen someone going to jail for drinking and driving? It's almost as bad as texting and driving or messing around with your phone. This should become a law.

  • Yes, it should be illegal to use smartphone maps while driving.

    It should be illegal to use smartphone maps while driving. Essentially, the question is: Should we be able to use a smartphone while driving? And my opinion is absolutely not. Using a phone to text, talk, or search for an address, no matter how adept the driver may be, is distracting. The newer apps that allow hands free maps are quite handy, but they still require set-up and use of the phone to utilize, so even then, they are not completely safe. As useful as following a map application can be while driving, that does not necessarily make it worth the risk to the driver and his passengers. If you can't hand the phone to a passenger, then by all means, do not use it at all. You should be ticketed for trying to use it.

  • No it should not be illegal to use smart phone maps while driving

    No, I do not feel that Americans should lose the right to use their smart phones and maps while trying to navigate even if they are driving. I think that people need the maps to find important places that they are looking for. Instead they should work on banning texting while driving.

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