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Posted by: Lato1

Ruin The Porn Industry.

  First off the porn industry would be ruined. If you could just lo around you for porn people would stop creating it. We also have the problem that children don't want to see giant, bald, wrinkly, raisin like 90 year olds strutting around the neighborhood like it's their own house! School would be more distracting... Not that i'd be against that one though. And finally, the clothing industry would be ruined, causing millions to be enemployed.
themohawkninja says2014-02-21T20:07:50.540
The question is nudity, not sex. The porn industry is fine.
DudeStop says2014-02-21T21:55:58.360
Porn doesn't have to be limited to sex...
themohawkninja says2014-02-21T22:09:57.417
I understand, but since it isn't limited to nudity, the porn industry won't take as big of a hit as you state it would.
Susie123456 says2015-05-05T17:50:35.113
The porn industry is the first thing you can think of?
BennyW says2015-09-04T01:46:53.400
It probably would be ruined but not for the reason you think. It would demonstrate nudity does not have to be sexual. As for children, They don't care, they are a lot more tolerant than adults.
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