• Yes, And You Can Help Make It Legal!

    Please sign the petition at this url to help legalize public nudity in the USA https://www. Change. Org/p/fully-legalize-public-nudity-in-the-u-s-a

    Nudity by itself is totally natural and is completely harmless. Nobody's ever been hurt by simply just seeing someone naked. The only reason it's seen as profane is because society associates it with sex. People should be allowed to just be themselves and be comfortable being themselves. We should be able to look at our own bodies and love them. We should be able to look at another naked body and not sexualize it. Nude is not lewd. It will be optional so it doesn't ruin the clothing industry as others said. The porn industry will be fine because it's not like people are walking around f***ing each other out in the open you'll still see that exclusively in porn. Children don't need to be protected from seeing naked bodies if they're simply just taught there isn't anything lewd or profane about it.

  • Embrace how we were born!

    For as long as we can remember, We have covered up, But what is the point? We were all naked when we were born, Why not embrace it? Fun fact: I am actually naked while I am writing this, I love being naked! Being naked is healthy for you, And is it good to strip off for a while. If you try to be naked for a day or to, Just in the safety of your own home, You will like it, Guaranteed!

  • It shouldnt be illegal to just be naked.

    Being naked isnt something everyone wants to do, But those that want to shouldnt be subjected to the religious views of some of the population. The government of the usa tries to stay secular when it comes to most everything, So everyone gets a fair shake, Even if they don't believe in the majority religion. Hence homosexuality being accepted even tho its a sin in a bunch of majority religions. Being naked should be socially accepted so people know their bodies are okay. We keep getting seperated from ourselves, Its causing mental issues in people. People feeling too ugly, Too saggy, Too fat. But when youre naked, Everyone is just clearly human. Hot, Ugly. Etc etc. Every animal is okay with being naked, They have sex naked. But that clearly doesnt mean that being naked is a sexual experience for them, And the same for people, Being naked isnt clearly correlative with being sexual or overtly perverted.

  • Of course! Just not lewd or sexual behavior. We would get used to it pretty quickly anyway.

    As long as there is no sexual undertone or intention I don’t see why people could not just go naked if that is there preference. They have my blessing and maybe I would even join. Having a laugh: Just imagine it becoming a right to do so. . . Imagine all the corporate diversity and inclusiveness people dealing with that. Certainly that would change corporate culture. No sorry by law I am allowed to be a nudist and live my life totally naked. Wauw that would force discussion an acceptance. Yes please! Come to think of it: if it where allowed I would go naked immediately and everywhere. Just imagine getting out of the shower, Walk out the door, Get into your car and go about your business totally naked. Not because your excited but you just really feel best totally naked. Sorry got carried away. Yes please no harm if no sexual intention. I would be one of the first!

  • Theoretically yes, At least it should be legal in most public outdoors,

    But I think it's more of a consensual thing. I have no problem seeing naked people at a park or beach, But it might be very unappetizing while in a restaurant. That also depends very much on the culture upbringing, Maybe some day when average citizen in a society have the ability to not associate all naked body to sex, It won't be see as a big deal anymore. But to be honest, So far we're still quite primitive, Look At Trump. Darn, That thought almost turned it into a NO.

    So it should be legal, But I still don't recommend it for now.

  • Nothing wrong about being naked

    I think being able to go out in public naked is a great thing we shouldn’t have to fear about wearing clothes if we don’t want to naked people are not harming anybody and I don’t think it should be a crime anymore if somebody wants to go out in public naked that should be there choice to I see no problem with nudity in public if it can be allowed

  • It feels great

    It’s not harming another person being naked I think public nudity should be 100% legal everywhere there’s nothing wrong at all about the naked body out in public I thinks it’s are right to be naked if we want to I’m upset that I’m not allowed to go in public nude it would make me more comfortable about my life if I could

  • Covered by first amendment and is inherent to our design.

    Nakednes inherent and a form of expression in life. Should be optional, Not criminalized. Penalities are WAY to harsh for nudeness. If someone commits an otherwise unlawful act, That act itself to include nudity, That situation should be addressed.

    1. Everyone is born naked, Shower naked, Undress to naked, Poop/pee naked, Sex naked, Surgery naked, Autopseed naked. .

    2. Dogs are naked, Cats are naked, Birds naked, Cows naked, Sheep naked. . .

    I can sing, Talk, Walk, Create all which is inherent.

  • It’s just a lifestyle

    Some people are comfortable in clothes and others are comfortable in the nude, So why not legalize public nudity? If is offends someone then they’ll just have to get used to it. On the other hand, It makes things less sexual and could teach future generations that, And clothes are making that sexual. That will also teach future generations to not care about there body imperfections. It could reduce rape, Abuse, Etc so that people wouldn’t want that sexual desire and people would forget about that. They should legalize it in cities, Parks, Schools, Neighborhoods, Etc, And of course it would be optional to go nude or not but it should not be mandatory to be clothed.

  • What is wrong with being naked in public, We where born that way.

    Ok let’s cut to the chase here. First we all know what we look like under the clothes. . . After all there is as we know only two variations of humams, Male and female. . . No one is asking everyone to shed there garments, All that is being said, If you don’t want to wear anything, What makes that it wrong. Every living biological being on this planet walks around with out any thing, Other than some protective covering in harsh weather, Beyond that everyone deals with what they are born with. If this is some over spun sexual thing, Where has that gotten us that is still choice. And even being clothed, How has that changed things. There will be always good and bad in everything. Just ifthose who feel comfortable being naked in public what is wrong with it. If you want to dress up as a Royal great, If you feel more comfortable letting the world see you in the skin you where born, Then equally great.

  • Ruin The Porn Industry.

    First off the porn industry would be ruined. If you could just lo around you for porn people would stop creating it.

    We also have the problem that children don't want to see giant, bald, wrinkly, raisin like 90 year olds strutting around the neighborhood like it's their own house!

    School would be more distracting... Not that i'd be against that one though.

    And finally, the clothing industry would be ruined, causing millions to be enemployed.

  • My Humble Observation ...

    The vast majority who want to go naked look like hairless Sharpei puppies! Hotties tend to keep their clothes on. Exhibitionists do not. Some are too fat. Others too thin. Wrinkled ones. Bald ones. Tatas touching the ground. It's like a gathering of creatures for a SciFi flick. The rest of America shouldn't have to suffer with that view!

  • This is complete ridiculousness.

    This is what we have nudist colonies for. If you want to be naked in public, go to a nudist colony. Not regular civilization. I feel bad for the children who are growing up in today's day and age. They are being set up to turn into nothing but a bunch of perverts. This is sickening.

  • Inappropriate for young children

    It is inappropriate, would u want a fat hairy guy jiggling down the street i think not. The little childrens will be scared for life. Just cuz u guys want to see a hot girl i bet thats never gonna happen there will only be fat guys and gals and i dont want that

  • Think of the innocent

    As a six year old child I was in California on a bike ride. We were riding along when we happened upon a naked man. He was just wandering around without any clothes on. It was a very awkward situation, I was with my dad and two little sisters. We tried to avoid looking at him, but didn't know where to go as we were heading back home and he was in the path. That memory will never leave my mind, it has scarred me forever and I can only hope no other child has to go through the same experience.
    No one with any morality wants to see naked people roaming the streets. We cannot expose our children to such profanity.

  • This is why we have nudist colonies

    Ok for one I have nothing against nudists because I understand that people who are nudists don't walk around naked to get attention but I still don't think that nudity should be legal in a public place because we already have nudist colonies and nude beaches for people who want to walk around naked in public. As for those of you who are saying that nudity harms nobody yes it doesn't do any physical harm that is true but that doesn't mean that public nudity is appropriate because for example swearing doesn't do any physical harm either but it's still inappropriate.

  • It's just plain indecent.

    Legalizing open nudity would go against human nature. We have a much higher level of thinking than other animals, hence we wear clothing. Running around with it all hanging out insults our own intelligence. We clothe ourselves for common decency, which is a concept that only humans have. If we lose this, we lose ourselves.

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Haroush says2014-02-21T20:46:06.247
I don't care who it is people don't need to be naked.

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