• Yes, cloning is critical to future humanity.

    Clones would be very useful as a supply of spare parts for humans. Clones should be created as a replacement source for kidneys, hearts, livers, etc. Clones would have no human rights as they wouldn't be true humans; they would be creations of humanity. It would be imperative that they be kept separate from humanity to prevent the cross contamination of their genes. Clones are essential to future human life.

    Posted by: R43Shep
  • I believe it should be legal.

    Cloning can let couples unable to reproduce have a child related to them if they so not want to adopt a child. 16% of the world is Atheist. That means 435858652 people are. If the only reason people do not agree are religious reasons, that is very large number who wouldn't agree. Also, cloning can help medically by cloning damaged tissue and replacing it.

  • Medical Benefits

    I believe that human cloning should be legalized only for medical reasons. I believe that the original humans would be able to receive organs from clones. For example: the original humans liver fails they could get a replacement from their clone. That is the only reason why I think human cloning should be legalized.

  • With Regulation

    It Should be legal, but strictly controlled by the government/UN. As long as the clones would have full rights and the person they had been cloned from gave permission, I can't find a moral issue.

  • I think it should be legal to clone human beings, as long as permission is given.

    I do think that it should be legal to clone human beings, with the person's permission. I know there are times that I need fourteen of me running around to get everything done. On the opposite hand, having more people around could just cause more problems. And, we don't need help with reproducing more people, because we do enough of that on our own.

    Posted by: SeriousNestor34
  • The benefits outweigh the negatives

    The benefits human cloning could bring to the medicinal world are staggering, and for that reason alone I think we as a race should pursue the idea. After all, we - human beings - got to where we are now by pushing boundaries and doing the unethical. There are negatives to cloning, and to suggest that there are no negatives would be to render your own argument invalid. However as long as it is used appropriately and it is not abused I can see no real reason for not doing so. For example, the possibility of living in a cancer-free world surely outweighs the possibility of losing one's identity, which would certainly be made illegal anyway.

  • Yes, because there is no legitimate purpose to denying human cloning.

    A clone of a human being would not be a copy of a person, but simply a genetic twin: a biological blueprint executed under different conditions, and most likely producing somewhat different results, due to environmental factors. How is this immoral? Provided the procedure is known to be safe and reliable, and does not produce any significantly enhanced risks of medical complications for the clone, there is no rational issue to condone making it illegal.

    Posted by: eststorm
  • No, it should not be legal to clone human beings, because we should all stay unique individuals.`

    People were made as unique individuals for a reason. When cloned, they differ from the original person. It's just creepy to think that people would believe that it's a good idea to clone humans. It would be a completely different person. It would only look the same. Cloning is not right by any means.

    Posted by: Qu4ntBenj
  • Yes, only if it benefits the health of the human race - dramatically.

    If cloning human beings leads to cures for diseases, serious conditions or disabilities/illnesses that effect one's quality of life to a large degree than I support it. I do not support cloning human beings for superficial reasons, or purposes that have already been sufficiently addressed by other means. The cloning of human beings is a serious undertaking that should not be done cavalierly or unnecessarily. I believe that there should be a governing body that approves all incidents of cloning. And, there should be policies and procedures put into place to make sure that the whole process is as ethical and humane as possible. A need for the cloning should be sufficiently proven before permission is granted.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • Separation of Church and State in the United States.

    Now, for this question there are all kinds of moral ambiguities that can't necessarily be addressed in such a small paragraph. Legally, yes, cloning of humans should be allowed. Morally? Not so sure why anybody would want to create a human being artificially, except for use and disposal of human parts to create perfect donor matches. Morally, I am not sure I agree with that.

    Posted by: enkosen
  • What's wrong with cloning? A world falling apart!

    I believe that cloning is not a right thing because every religion is against it and also we are not God. God is the only one that can create humans. THIS IS A SIN. But people think that what they are doing is nothing and that there is nothing wrong with what's happening.

  • It's a sin!!!

    cloning is wrong! god made each an every one of us unique in our own way. if we clone then that defeats the purpose!!! lets just stick to cloning animals not peoiple! its wrong! if one day we do end up cloning people then we have to treat them like there own individuals not like some cattle or livestalk that we grew on some farm somewhere!you people are sick! just because its a clone doesnt mean that it doesnt have feelings or knows what pain is. if we did clone and put poeple on farms then for one, how would we be able to tell who from who? how would we treat them? the human body has evolved to fit todays life, putting them on farms would that would basically be sending them back to the stone age! they wouldnt know how to talk or comunicate, they would all die! its wrong and compleatly against everything holy in my eyes.

  • Cloning is bad because it would lead to the spread of disorders.

    I think that cloning humans is not good because if scientists clone a person with heart disease, then the clone is going to have the same disease. For example, if scientists clone a person that has ADHD, HIV, AIDS, or anything of the sort, then that person is going to have the same problem in their body or mind.

  • I think allowing humans to be cloned will do nothing but create havoc in society.

    While there are many supporters of cloning humans, I am not one of them. I think having more than one person walking around with the same DNA is just a recipe for trouble. I have no problem with researchers using cloning to duplicate cells, but I do not think an entirely separate human being should be created.

    Posted by: StevyDemon
  • No, It is morally and ethically wrong

    Cloning humans is very wrong. I am absolutly appalled by some of the reasons that people use to support cloning. One reason would be is they can be used as organ donars. That is a terrible reason because that clone is a human being too. Imagine having kids just so they could be used as spare body parts. Doesn't seem so great now when you think about like that now, does it?

  • It should not be legal to clone human beings because creating a human soul is in the hands of God.

    I am opposed to efforts to clone humans. Most world religions teach that while everything created ultimately has its source in God, there is a special aspect to human creatures called the soul or the spirit which is not found in plants or animals. Only God can give this particular kind of spiritual life to a being. Therefore a human who was cloned might be genetically identical, but would lack a spiritual nature, making the resultant creature less than truly human. We should not overreach our boundaries as created beings and seek to play God in that way.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • Cloning is a touchy subject, but no, I don't think it should be legal because the clone will never end up completely like the original.

    When you clone a human, the clone will never end up like the original individual. There will be differences, there is no way around them. People will have different interests, personalities, and preferences.

    Posted by: LorenaH
  • NO NO NO NO This is not acceptable to legalize the clonation of human beings

    I know that Sience is growing fast and helping the manding BUT......... We can not PLAY GOD. Clonation is too much and I thing that this process is dangerous and with no moral at all. We are nobody to PLAY with the life of human beings

  • Cloning Humans is crazy!

    Every person is unique and an individual, if cloning humans was made legal, children could grow up not knowing if they were cloned and are just there to replace someone else, and what if the clone comes out with a disability, would they just be killed because they're not exactly like the person they were cloned from?? Clones are still people too!

  • Cloning body parts would be fine, but a whole human is not.

    A cloned body-part is understandable, it could replace silicone used in cosmetic surgery, it could eliminate using transplants, genetic diseases could be cured, and defective genes could be replaced, and nerves could be regrown, amputees could have their limbs grown back, spinal cords could be regrown for quadriplegics, the point is, is that it could help us with many medical issues. But cloning humans, is not. The cloned human does not necessarily have the same looks or personality. Also, in the world, there are already many people, and thousands of people die everyday, whether it's a car crash, a war, diseases, so many people would want to have their lost family member cloned, that's great and understandable, but ther are also many people who are born everyday, China already has problems with too many people, think about every place just as crouded and poplulated, this would cause many problems, too much polution, more people would go hungry and poor.

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