Should it be legal to commit sabotage, blackmail, and murder to get ahead in the workplace?

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  • There are only cons no pros

    No, I want the government to stop people who do these things so there is less risk of it happening to me or people I know and love. Also this would tend to promote people to the top who resort to these things because they are lacking in other skills and so it could rob me of chances to meet intelligent worthwhile people in the future.

  • It may give out-competed people an advantage in the short run, but it will ultimately damage society.

    Considering current economic conditions that have made jobs scarce as well as difficulties in maintaining employment and advancing one’s career caused by the business world's competitive nature, it is often tempting for those who have been out-competed in the workforce to do ANYTHING it takes to get ahead and survive in the world. Some may even have considered sabotaging, blackmailing, or outright murdering their competitors if they could get away with it. While I sympathize with people who have been unable to obtain employment or promotions in these difficult times, I must argue against making such measures of getting ahead legal in the unlikely even that such a thing were to be seriously considered.

    A society, in order to develop and thrive, must allow its best and brightest members to contribute their skills, ideas, and resources to research and business ventures. They also need to be able to keep themselves safe from interference as they develop strategies and products that will ultimately benefit shareholders and consumers. If it were to become legal for people competing for employment or prestige to openly sabotage, blackmail, or even physically eliminate each other, the system of safety that encourages free development would be undermined. Simply put, people would be too busy sabotaging or killing each other to get any work done. It would also put highly-skilled individuals at risk of being murdered by their less-skilled rivals, thus precluding the development of products and technologies that may end up benefiting society. When this happens in all workplaces including government offices, the conditions of infighting and fearing for one’s own life will prevent society as a whole from functioning, thus leading to chaos and barbarism. In short, competition stripped of rules that keep people safe from each other may give disadvantaged job hunters and aspiring professionals a means to get ahead, but it will ultimately put society in a state of literal workplace warfare rather than productivity.

  • Why would this ever be okay? We're not animals.

    If we were animals, then yeah, it would be okay because we wouldn't have the mental capacity to take it beyond what is necessary, and look at the animal kingdom, they're pretty content to just dominate rather than commit to bloody massacres.

    The only reason we go so overboard is because we have the mental capacity to do so.

    A wolf will dominate his fellow wolf in a vicious fight, and then when domination is secured, will fight with the other wolf, trusting them with their own lives.

    That's how animals operate. They don't kill unless that's what ends up happening.

    Finally, we people have the mental capacity to not only do much worse, which we do at times, but we have the mental capacity to step outside of our natural compulsions, rebel against them, and choose to do what we know to be right regardless of how we feel or are compelled to do.

    We have the ability to be supremely peaceful, humane, and caring, and if we do not strive for that, we become more deadly, evil, and inhumane than any animal would ever be even to those it would consider it's enemies.

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