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  • Yes, it should be legal to hunt Canadian Geese.

    In states where there is an overpopulation, there should be legal hunting of Canadian Geese. Many times the geese come in to a environment and do not leave. They can be aggressive if provoked, especially when they have young geese with them. They're able to inflict a pretty good amount of damage if required, and do not take too much to aggravate. They are a burden on many properties, they should be hunted to reduce their numbers.

  • Too Many Geese

    While the Canadian goose was relatively endangered, these large birds are now very common and somewhat pesky. Large flocks can devastate a small area with goose waste. The birds can be very aggressive. While these birds should not be made endangered again, a limited season on them would cull the population and reduce some of the excess.

  • Should Have A Season

    I believe the population of Canadian geese is great enough that there could be a season initiated for Canadian geese. Obviously hunting them at all times would be detrimental to their continued existence, but we could do with fewer, if people were interested in hunting them. I think it should be allowed if the interest is there.

  • There are too many.

    No, it should not be illegal to hunt Canadian Geese, because there is no shortage of Canadian Geese. In fact, Canadian Geese can be a menace sometimes. Goose is also delicious to eat. If people want to cull the population and eat the geese, that is a win win for society.

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