• Yes but only in a set way

    Yes I think it should be legal to sell organs if you choose to. I do think though this has to be very regulated. You can only sell your own organ and you have to be of sound mind when deciding to do so. If selling the organ will kill you it can not be done.

  • Organs are necessary for human life.

    I think it should be legal to sell organs because some people need to replace organs or have family members that need a new organ and sometimes this is the only way that it is attainable due to the fact that there are normally long lists for transplants in hospitals.

  • Sell Them to the Government

    Yes, we should. But the government should pay you for it the way it pays people for blood plasma donations. That way organ donations would not be limited to the most wealthy and at the same time there would be a greater incentive to donate your organs. Don't allow organ sales where someone else is paying for it though.

  • People should have power over their bodies

    Selling organs could be a dangerous choice, but it is a choice none-the-less. It is better that such a choice be regulated by the government to be safe rather than having people sell their organs on the black market and have them taken out in unsafe or unsanitary ways. We should be sure to respect the choices of others, even when we disagree with those choices, especially when it concerns their rights over their bodies.

  • Yes, a person has the right to own their body.

    Our Constitution grants us the right to own our own bodies. This applies in cases of slavery, abortion, and contractual law, and in my opinion suicide, so I see no reason it shouldn't apply to the sale of organs.
    The issue becomes more complicated when you consider that in a few decades, people will be able to isolate traits from their genome. If you were born with natural immunity to HIV, you should be able to own that part of your genome, not some government.

  • Yes, a person has the right to own their body.

    Our constitution grants the right to own your own body. If a person wants to make the decision to commit suicide, harm themselves, modify a part of their body, control their reproductive process, or sell a part of themselves, that should absolutely be allowed. The government has no right to regulate a person's control of their body. This most often comes up during abortion arguments, but it applies in this case as well.
    This argument will become even more relevant in the coming decades, as people are going to be able to isolate sections of their own genetic code, and possible sell them if they were so inclined.

  • My Body, My Choice

    The government might want to regulate the sale of organs for safety reasons, but they should not dictate what I do with my body. So called "donated" organs make the medical establishment a lot of money off those organs, while the one who donated them gets nothing. I find it distasteful to do so, and God might have a thing to say about it, but government should keep out of it.

  • Something is terribly wrong here

    It should not be made legal to sell your organs. Why do they have to be sold? Can't they donate it? Firstly, people should donate their organs for other people, not because they are donating for money. Secondly, some people are on benefits. If it was to be legal to sell your organs people who are on benefits and need an organ transplant won't have enough to pay for the organs which will lead to death, it will also happen the same thing to poor people. Also if it was made legal there would be a higher rate of crime across the world. People mostly in LEDC countries will kill people and take there organ to sell because they need money to live on. Not only LEDC countries but also in MEDC countries (organ trafficking).

  • No, it is undignified.

    No, it should not be legal to sell organs, because there is too much room for exploitation. A family will sell the kidney of a young child in order to pay off family debt. A family will allow an elderly person to die in order to harvest their organs. There is no way to police this effectively, and as such, it should be banned.

  • It should not be legal to sell organs.

    It should not be legal to sell organs. I think that the donor program works just fine and it should remain that way. It would be wrong for anyone to profit off the sell of an organ no matter what it is. If people want to donate they should but selling them is something I could never back.

  • I see nothing wrong with that.

    If a person decides they want to sell their organs, basically be an organ donor, for after they pass away, I think that is not only right, but a good thing for that person to do. Why not give your organs to someone who actually will need them and can be healthy.

  • Just not right

    In the USA there is no National heath Care so will the ones that cant afford the organs still get them. There is going to be an increased number of people that are ill, most bodies cant handle the effects of losing a vital organ. This opens up the argument for prostitution if one person sell their body why cant another, you cant say that the organ seller is in it for a positive benefit of organ receiver , hookers aren't in for the sex, its all about money.

  • No

    Organs should only be obtained by medical professionals through sanctioned donations. The problem with selling organs would be that anyone could do it, which could have disastrous results. Organs have to match the people who need donations. They also have to be healthy and viable. If organs were being sold on the street, who knows what condition they could be in. Organs should never be allowed to be legally sold privately. Only organ donation is organized and medically overseen.

  • Would Be Terribly Unfair to All

    No, it should not be legal to sell organs. Organs should continue to be pledged through donor programs. Allowing organs to be sold brings all kinds of horrible possibilities to mind. The current donor program is run and monitored by hospitals and emergency personnel. Organs are assigned to recipients on waiting lists. By legalizing the sale of organs, we would be guaranteeing that only the most affluent patients would receive organs because cost would be no problem for them. Selling organs would mean poorer families would never have a chance at a lifesaving transplant.

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