Should it be made more difficult for people to file frivolous personal injury lawsuits?

  • Frivolous lawsuits are the root destruction of our economy.

    Ridiculous settlements for lawsuits are a massive burden on our economy. People are awarded multimillion dollar settlements that greatly exceed their actual need. This drives up insurance costs for EVERYBODY. Auto injury lawsuit? Auto insurance increases. Medical lawsuits? Medical insurance increases. Injured on your property? Property insurance increases.

    And this makes insurance companies demand more restrictions placed on business and individual activity in the name of preventing ALL accidents.

    After reviewing settlements where 30 year old workers get millions for a minor back or shoulder injury makes me sick. Companies are then forced to discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions!

    Life entails risk, our judicial system transfers too much risk to parties not actually responsible for injuries, when many times the injured maintain poor health, and make risky decisions.

  • Let the stupid people weed themselves out.

    If frivolous lawsuits weren't allowed, then businesses wouldn't be required to carry so much expensive insurance. If businesses didn't need to buy that insurance, they could grow (especially small businesses). More business means more jobs and that means a much healthier economy. I say eliminate frivolous lawsuits completely and end the need for businesses to carry insurance!

  • Frivolous personal injury lawsuits should not be easy to file

    It should be nearly impossible to file a personal injury lawsuit based on a frivolous claim. If the accident was due to a lack of common sense or just being stupid then the lawsuit should not be filed. No person should be able to sue for drinking hot coffee, falling into a fountain while not paying attention to where they were walking, or getting hurt while committing a crime. It is wrong to allow this type of lawsuit be taken seriously and unethical for a lawyer to represent the person bringing the claim to court.

  • We need to do away with frivolous lawsuits

    The reason why we have so many frivolous lawsuits in the U.S. Is because of greed and people do not believe in doing the right thing anymore in this country. These lawsuits result in alot of unnecessary time, money, energy, and vengeance toward other people. These lawsuits also clog the judicial court system and delay more serious cases. I hope there are laws enforced where people cannot file these lawsuits anymore.

  • Sometimes the wealthy use frivolous lawsuits to stifle competitors or critics, or for a political agenda.

    I was once threatened with a lawsuit because I sent an email to a former colleague about a magazine advertisement they had just run, which was all blurry and out of focus. The CEO wanted to sue me just to force me to spend a few thousand dollars to defend myself. He specifically has stated that he is willing to spend a few thousand of the company's money himself just to force someone else to have to spend their personal money to defend himself even though there is no damages and the suit will likely be thrown out. Legal harrassment.

    Then there are wealthy conservatives who want to shut down Planned Parenthood clinics by constantly filing lawsuits so that the clinic's insurance premiums go through the roof and they can no longer afford to stay in business. Abuse of the legal system to advance a political agenda.

    In fact, I feel there should be a penalty for filing what is an obvious frivolous suit.

  • People that lose frivolous personal injury lawsuits should have to pay court costs and legal fees for the winner.

    I am a big believer that frivolous personal injury lawsuits are a terrible drain on the economy. Businesses have to pay for extra insurance to protect themselves against such claims. Some people just want to hit the lottery of winning a big lawsuit whether justified or not.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • People should not be able to file lawsuits, just because they think they have been wronged.

    People file too many lawsuits these days. Often, they do not have a case, but want to try and get money for nothing. They waste everyone's time, because these cases need lawyers, court time, judges, and juries. Even if a case does not go to court, it is a waste of money, because a company might pay off someone who complained, just to keep from damaging their reputation. There should be more requirements for filing a lawsuit, so people will not think it is an easy way out.

    Posted by: BashfulEmil60
  • The legal system is inundated by abusive frivolous lawsuits, and reform is therefore needed.

    Shady trial lawyers looking to make money are abusing the legal system through frivolous lawsuits. Businesses and individuals are often forced to fight extensive and expensive legal battles in order to fight the most asinine suits. The costs of these frivolous suits are passed on to consumers and most of all insurance fees. It is long overdue that the legal system be reformed so such lawsuits are done away with and lawyers who file multiple frivolous lawsuits lose their license.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Yes, I think it should be made more difficult for people to file frivolous personal injury lawsuits, because it costs our country too much money.

    There are too many people that are winning money by filing frivolous lawsuits of personal injury. And, all it is doing is putting our country deeper into a hole. People should be required to go through mandatory extensive tests, in order for them to be able to file a personal injury lawsuit.

    Posted by: SeriousNestor34
  • Yes, because frivolous lawsuits hurt everyone, except lawyers.

    These lawsuits tie up the courts, which could be used for more important things. Most importantly, every time one of these lawsuits goes through the court with success, it inspires more people to try them. Everyone is hurt, through increased insurance rates and other costs being reflected through taxes and things.

    Posted by: SamDude
  • The system already takes care of that...

    First you have to get a lawyer to accept your case. Then you have to get passed the first hearing where judges are prone to throw out the more frivolous one.. Then if you get that far, you deserve a hearing.. And it is just a way to take away our access to the courts and finally most lawsuits are filed by huge corporations trying to stomp out small businesses and tort reform won't stop them, but it will stop you from having your day in court.

    Posted by: LEC
  • I oppose making it more difficult, because sometimes many can be affected when only one decides to speak up.

    In the "McDonald's hot coffee" example of a class action lawsuit, Liebeck aims to "correct" the manufacturing of McDonald's coffee, stating that the coffee was too hot. This arose from an incident in which she spilled coffee on herself and sustained 3rd degree burns. Hot liquid is a pervasive danger in society, partly due to coffee's widespread popularity. Other previous attempts had been made to make sure McDonald's cooled the coffee prior to serving, but these attempts were unsuccessful, and customers were still heavily liable to spilling coffee and burning themselves.

    Posted by: 4rlGutsy
  • No, because these very lawsuits are how we sort the frivolous claims from the good.

    People who file frivolous lawsuits are sometimes just looking for a handout, and sometimes just ignorant of why it is a frivolous lawsuit. Any barrier placed to stop frivolous lawsuits will also hurt legitimate lawsuits. The courts are how we decide which lawsuits are good suits, and which are bad. It would be nice to have a reduction in frivolous personal injury claims, but only people's moral sense should rule in this area.

    Posted by: dahye0413

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