Should it be mandatory for a woman to receive fair counseling before having an abortion?

Asked by: Danielle17
  • Should be mandatory

    Yes because it is a life we are talking about now. The foetus don't deserve the bad decisions made by the preggo or whoever. Why take away an innocent life when the foetus did nothing wrong? Besides, its should be seen as a gift from god. We should celebrate for this little foetus's life and not make it a sad situation by aborting it.

  • Pro-choice should emphasize the choice

    If you are truly pro-choice, you believe women should be educated about abortion and should be prepared to make the best decision possible. This means that counseling, showing her other alternatives, and other similar things should be required before an abortion so that she can truly choose. If you disagree with this, you are pro-abortion, not pro-choice.

  • No it shouldn't

    Okay. If a woman wants an abortion let her have an abortion. It isn't anyone's problem except for her so why should anyone care. Also why should she have counseling if she doesn't want it. If she wants an abortion she should have it. Counseling doesnt have anything to do with abortion and abortion doesnt have anything to do with drugs o alcohol.

  • Wines don't have feelings.

    While I think it could be up to states to determine whether or not a woman is required to receive counseling before an abortion, I don't think this has anything to do with alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, the issue of marriage should be irrelevant to such a determination, although again that should be left up to the states, and is not directly pertinent to the question at hand, which deals specifically with the rights of beverages.

  • Implications are unpleasant.

    Presumably, a woman considering having an abortion is fully aware of what she is doing and doesn't share the archaic 'life begins at conception' belief that would lead her to assume that what she is doing is murder. Making it mandatory to receive counseling prior to undergoing this treatment implies that she likely hasn't thought it through, doesn't know what she is doing and would change her mind if allowed to think it through. It effectively puts her on the same level as someone currently suffering from a minor mental disorder or addiction, and implies that she is in some way not mentally qualified to make her own decisions.

  • No way never.

    It is condescending to subject women to such counseling unless you require all pregnant women on all of their options--including those who wish to continue their pregnancy. They need to be told of the option to abort. Of course, this would never go over. Women are not stupid children--they have already made their decision and it should not be questioned. Too many organizations use counseling as a bully pulpit to shame the women into doing what is wrong for them.

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JustCheNo says2013-06-27T02:46:02.413
What sort of degree do you need to council "wine"?
PlumberGirl123 says2014-07-03T03:48:20.220
Never. The fetus isn't a life. It is a useless clump of cells that a mother has complete say over. If she wants to have an abortion that's none of your business so back off. All you people who are pro life make me sick. You think this is some joke. It's not ur body and not ur life! If ur so upset about a bunch of cells being removed from a woman's body then you have problems. Pro lifers won't take care of the unwanted kids. All u losers want is for them to be born, but who's stuck with them after? Who had to pay money and go through a painful pregnancy and not have a saggy stomach and flappy vagina. Don't say u care for them cuz u don't! Fetus's don't matter. Don't give rocks rights. This society is crazy. It's not an innocent baby. It's a freakin clump of cells/fetus. No one cares! Get over itself! Abortion will happen forever and should be encouraged!!