Should it be mandatory to send aid to countries affected by climate change?

  • Yes, I agree.

    What must be done is decarbonise the world's economy! We are very limited in how to achieve this. Many "poor" countries want to pursue all the mistakes the West made often out of ignorance or anachronistic moral values but with a much larger population and knowing the harm that they do.

  • I don't think it should be mandatory to do anything at this point

    Foreign aid is a tricky thing. We've got a lot of people here suffering from all sorts of problems. What about the effects of climate change here? What about the U.S. trying not to contribute to climate change? I think we need to put our own interests first before we start fixing other countries.

  • Mandatory aid not the way forward

    Although some countries will be hit unfairly by climate change I do not think that dictating mandatory aid from other states and countries is the best way to relieve their troubles. Instead all nations and countries need to work together to alleviate the damage caused by climate change in a voluntary manner.

  • No, it should not be mandatory to send aid to countries

    The decision to send aid to other countries should not be mandatory. Many devastating storms and floods have impacted the U.S. and we don't get aid from any other country. Keeping in mind that climate change may be due to pollution created by countries such as India and China so they should also be responsible for aiding those countries bearing the burden.

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