Should it be our choice if we no longer want our cable package bundled up?

  • It's time to unbundle!

    I can't get a decent cable package unless I'm willing to pay to get a bunch of Spanish language channels I can't watch, or even more trashy home shopping channels I'd never watch. I'd love to be able to order each channel as I need them, not as a bundle.

  • Yes, cable needs to change.

    Cable really needs to change. The way channels/companies work now, they tend to bundle because they want to "sell" their less popular channels along with their more popular ones. Because of that, people don't always get what they want, and often get far more channels than they want, all at a very hefty sum. Cable is losing popularity, and they and the stations they carry need to reconsider how they're currently operating. Consumers need to be offered more choices in what they receive.

  • Free Market Economics

    It's a free market economy, so if we don't want our cable bundled with other services, consumers should go with companies that allow us to break up the party. Some companies won't let you do that without a certain number of years on a contract. If that's the case and you don't like it, time to get a new cable/satellite provider.

  • Yes, we should be able to choose our cable package.

    We should be allowed to choose whether or not we want to have our cable package bundled together. If we are paying for the package, then the company should not be allowed to dictate how we must bundle or pay for the package. It is our right to choose what we buy.

  • It should be our choice if we no longer want our cable package bundled up.

    It should be our choice if we no longer want our cable package bundled up. Cable and satellite companies are losing a lot of customers because they want to bundle everything to make more of a profit. If you realize that your customers are not stupid and choose their own channels you would make up profit in the long run. Many people are canceling their service because they can not afford these packages.

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