Should it be permissible for cities and/or counties to ban the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for oil and natural gas drilling?

  • Cities Should be Allowed to Control Fracking

    While fracking is a relatively safe way to pump oil and gas that otherwise would be inaccessible, cities and counties should be able to decide what is best for their community. There are reasons people choose to live in certain area and they may be bothered by the noise and odor from the well locations.

  • Yes, I believe countries should ban be permitted to ban fracking.

    Fracking is a process that has been shown to destroy the environment. This is the main fear of everyone. The dangers that are caused by fracking far outweigh any gain that one would get from oil and natural gas especially when the state or cities wouldn't see one cent from any oil or natural gas collected from the fracking.

  • Yes, cities and counties should have say in what goes on there

    Fracking is a very controversial topic, as it's been shown to have negative impact on the environment and the communities around fracking operations. Cities and counties should have the right to, at the very least, present their case as to why they don't want fracking. Some areas may simply prefer the benefits of refraining over the monetary gain fracking provides.

  • Drilling Methods Should be Up to the Driller

    Cities and counties should be permitted to determine the methods for oil and natural gas drilling. If one form of drilling is better for that city or county for one reason or other, then they should be permitted to ban or encourage that method accordingly. Thus, it follows that banning the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for oil and natural gas drilling, if the city or county deems it best, should be permitted.

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