Should it be required that everyone is granted health insurance, even if it means that insurance companies must accept all applicants, despite pre-existing conditions, and provide the same prices?

Should it be required that everyone is granted health insurance, even if it means that insurance companies must accept all applicants, despite pre-existing conditions, and provide the same prices?
  • Yes all the way

    This is very important. It needs to be for everyone. Congress is trying to do away again with preexisting conditions but of course they are trying to exempt themselves and their workers from this choice. But, everyone else will have to pay more money to continue coverage in certain states. This is not right at all. Everyone should have full medical coverage and it should include everything. Everyone no matter if rich or poor should not have to pay an arm and a leg to get coverage for anything. Congress is wrong in this and pre-existing conditions should be covered for all.

  • Yes everyone should have the right to affordable health care!

    I listen to people complain about paying for lazy people who do not have health insurance. It makes me ill to hear such ignorant arguments. I know many hard-working, educated people who were thrilled to finally have access to health care. My first friend was a teacher who had pancreatitis. She was so sick her first year of teaching that they elected to not hire her back. She lost her health care. She was able to find a job teaching at a community college, but only part-time. She tried to get buy health insurance many times, but due to her pre-existing conditions she was unable to get insurance. She was not married nor had children, so she was unable to get insurance anywhere. My second friend was also a teacher who was unable to find a job. She worked as a substitute teacher which does not offer any insurance options. She was unable to afford insurance due to her low income. Which by the way is around 15,000 a year. I heard of substitute teachers going to pet stores to buy antibiotics that were sold for horses. These people are not lazy nor uneducated. They just did not have access to affordable health care, and now they are grateful to have health insurance.

  • Equal rights to everyone

    As citizens I believe that all of the American people should have access to health care at equal rate. Right now the US spends more in health care than any other rich country in the world. Private insurances and clinics and hospital are the ones who are making all the profit from government money. It is proved that standardizing health care becomes health care costs and effectiveness better. I also believe that there has to be a reform in the usage of health resources in hospitals to balance the financial costs of it. Everything is paid by the government, and public and private facilities take advantages of the amount of care that can be given to people by over treating patients. Equal right to everyone, and stop the abuse. That is what i believe.

  • I disagree with the difference in rates

    Someone on the opposing side has stated that the healthy person should pay less for health insurance. Well all I can say is please keep in mind that before that sick person became sick, they were healthy. Is it our right to determine that a person born with a health defect should pay more money for their health insurance just because they are sick. Or a person that develops cancer because its genetic. Is it their fault that they got cancer? Or is it just life. I feel like if we based our insurance rates on how healthy a person measures up, then we are allowing government to base the value of peoples lives and their worth based off of uncontrollable conditions. I believe we are all human and we are all equal. We all have been given the same amount of chances to be sick and to be healthy and sometimes the choice is not ours.

  • WE ALL PAY for anyone that won't pay for themselves.

    Right now, anyone who doesn't pay for their own health care, directly or through some form of insurance, still gets care. You get in an accident, we don't leave your stinking bleeding body on the street to bleed out, we send an ambulance, take you to a hospital, and try to save your miserable life no matter what. No one tests your credit worthiness first. And the people who ran the ambulance, and the hospital, and the nurses all still want to get paid. Your child is running a 104 fever? You start puking on the subway? Someone infects you with something dangerous? Your girlfriend gives you gonorrhea? Civilized societies have collective socialism- we all pay towards the infrastructure to keep things running and everyone healthy, and that means that EVERYONE better pay their fare share. And it means that everyone SHOULD have the ability to GET insurance, have medical access. The abuses of some insurers (really- do you think that saying that women have pre-existing conditions because they have WOMBS is fair?) and the failure to offer care *at cost* have created the horrors that now drive us to re-evaluate the entire structure and either provide *across the board state funded care for everyone, everywhere, and just tax your unworthy asses*, or to back up and allow the insurers to continue to suck profits off our health care system *at a slightly slower rate* by forcing them to take everyone and stop exclusions based on prior health issues.

  • Equality is key

    Canada has a pubicaly funded health care system, why shouldn't everyone else? Diseases are killing more and more people, and it's time to put a stop to it. We at least need to be sending more resources over to third world countries. It's not their fault that they were born in a poor country.

  • We are ALL HUMAN!!!

    Our country is religious based but many people are not upholding to their religion. If you are a Christian then you should know this saying... "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." If you haven't read that saying then I'm pretty sure you heard of others like it. And if you're not christian then I'm sure you believe in karma and etc you'll see its all the same in the end. Saying that people in need shouldn't get cheap/free insurance is just as bad as walking pass the man dying in the alley begging for help. And the only reason why you did it was because you have to pay for your insurance.....Petty and ignorant.

  • Children need it

    Most of the ones in need of health coverage I am familiar with are children with various types of birth defects and cancers. As an uncle who saw his sister struggle with the healthcare for a five year old son with leukemia, if that wasn't covered by affordable healthcare insurance the struggle to pay for treatment would have been overwhelming if not impossible.

  • They are really the one who needs it

    They need it more then a healthy person. A healthy person really does not need insurance. A sick needs it because without it they may not be able to get any help with paying for their services an may not seek help and eventually die. I think that everyone is entitle to have insurance.

  • It's a human right

    Every other civilized country in the world understands health care is a human right. Even the hard conservatives in Canada would never oppose their system. They are quite proud of it. US is one of the riches countries on the planet. This is a slam dunk. Once we get everyone insured we can then focus on reducing costs. That is the logical order.

  • America's health care has become less reliable, it is a waste of money.

    It is just a waste of money. My family used to have health insurance, and pay our monthly fee, even if we only went to the hospital or doctor two times in three months. Don't get me wrong, lots of people agree with health insurance. But America's healthcare is becoming less reliable.


    50 percent of bankruptcies in the United States are directly related to medical expenses. 75 percent of these bankruptcies are filed by people WITH HEALTH COVERAGE (source: Michael Moore, "Sicko"). Now to me, and other educated individuals, this shows a direct correlation between having health insurance, and going bankrupt. The bottom line is that you are more likely to go bankrupt if you have health coverage. FACT. Is this an attempt to redistribute the wealth? Here's how it breaks down: Poor cant afford coverage, wealthier people cover the cost for them. Soon, it becomes a burden on even the wealthy, and they too cannot afford coverage. The cost to the even wealthier goes up...until they too cannot afford it. Dont you see the cycle? Everyone goes broke and ends up living off of a government handout, until the richest 10 percent are paying for coverage for 90 percent of Americans, but even that my friends is not sustainable. The redistribution of wealth will lead to the first truly communist society.

  • Insurance companies should have the freedom of every other consumer product.

    Like auto-insurance, if you have a history of car wrecks, speeding tickets, and reckless driving, your premiums will be through the roof.. or the insurance company might deny you coverage altogether. Why? Because you are at a much higher risk.

    Now imagine that you have no auto-insurance, you are driving drunk, you run through a red light, crash into a mini van full of children, severely injuring everyone involved. As the ambulances and police are rushing to the scene, you call up state farm.. "can I sign up for your best liability/collision insurance policy?"

  • I disagree that everyone should be granted health insurance, regardless of pre-existing conditions, at the same price, because it is fundamentally unfair for those who chose a healthy lifestyle to have to pay more for those who did not.

    My chief complaint with this proposition is that everyone should not pay the same insurance rate, especially in regards to whether or not they have a pre-existing medical condition. For example, a patient who is in end-stage lung cancer because of a 50-year history of cigarette smoking, who will cost over a million dollars to treat, should not have the same rate as someone who has led a healthy lifestyle and only requires minimal care. It is fundamentally unfair for the person with the healthy lifestyle to be paying higher rates to cover the person with the unhealthy lifestyle.

    Posted by: MakenaD
  • Granting everyone insurance, regardless of health, is not a good policy choice and should certainly not be mandatory!

    Everyone should not have to be granted health insurance regardless of preexisting conditions. This would be bad for the insurance companies because they would have to pay out a lot of money for the large increase in procedures they would need to cover. In addition, those covered may not be able to afford their premiums and this would cause a big financial mess in all regards.

    Posted by: VincenzoB
  • I disagree because our country cannot afford to pay for everyone health insurance.

    Insuring people who have major health problems is very costly. If we all paid the same rates, that would be unfair to those who are healthy. The insurance companies wouldn't make enough money on their premiums to cover the costs of insuring those with major health problems. If you're going to use a service more, then naturally you have to pay more. To force an insurance company to charge all people the same amount of money for different levels of service doesn't make good economic sense. The health insurance companies would go out of business. It makes sense to charge different rates based on your needs.

    Posted by: R34d3Homey
  • Obama's new health insurance policy is pure socialism!

    The idea of everyone having affordable healthcare may sound like a nice idea. However, what is affordable to some may not be affordable to others. This attempt to equal out all of society is pure socialism. We are not all the same! What about the homeless people who heavily rely on county hospitals? Should they just be forgotten and left to die out on the streets?

    Posted by: elen111
  • Health insurance is not a right.

    You have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You do not have the right to force others to pay to support you, whether it be health care or any other entitlement program. Get a job that provides coverage, or educate yourself so that you can afford your own insurance.

  • I do not believe everyone should have health insurance, because this system is unfair to companies and to people.

    The government has a way of making unrealistic expectations. Somehow, they think everyone can have insurance, and the money will just grow on trees somewhere. In the real world, it doesn't work that way. Companies should have a choice as to whether or not they provide health benefits. Most companies want to because it makes them look better to future employees, but some companies honestly cannot afford it. Insurance companies want more clients, but they cannot simply give insurance for free. The government has no money by which to provide insurance. Therefore, insurance should be a choice, never a command.

    Posted by: DizzyCasey
  • I would not want everyone to have health insurance, because it would strain middle-class America through increased taxes.

    Middle-class America would bear a greater share of the cost. They would pay for those who do not care for themselves and those that would have unnecessary treatments. I believe the cost of health care would be inflated to accommodate the increased claims. I do not believe the quality of health care could remain the same if the price was the same.

    Posted by: TenKirk34

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