Should it be socially acceptable for men to slap women?

Asked by: DavidKaizer
  • The other laws of chivalry have vanished, so why shouldn't this one?

    Yes it has been socially unacceptable to hit a woman, however the "rule" about using physical force against women was set up in the middle ages, which are very different to the times we live in today. If there are 130 different types of feminists calling for a more equal life towards women, then why should we hold back our hand if women are socially allowed to do it to us? In my eyes, if a woman hit me, I would do whatever I feel is necessary back to ensure my safety, even if it means slapping her round the face. I know it sounds harsh, but they want to be equal.

  • Double Standards are Bad.

    While no one should slap anyone, as far as which one's more acceptable, neither should be.

    If one is socially acceptable, both should be, or neither.

    But sometimes you have to defend yourself. Often, a girl gets in a fight with a guy, it's socially acceptable for her to defend herself (often, regardless of who started it.) If the girl starts the fight, and the guy defends himself, HOW DARE HE! And that's not okay.

    This question is too broad... Hitting someone is acceptable useless it wasn't justified. Someone slaps you, your not justified because you could walk away... But if they keep at it, you can defend yourself, regardless of if the other person is a woman.

  • Its a double standard

    If a man hits a women, it is deemed horrible and misogynistic, however when a woman hits a man it is deemed justified and acceptable. If it is seen by a member of public people usually don't bat an eye, but it is abuse if a man hits a woman.
    I remember slapping my ex girlfriend once because she put me through 3 months of emotional pain including standing me up, treating me like nothing, making me feel like I was hurting her and acting like I was a stranger. Some of my friends thought I was being horrible even if I tried to justify it. The thing is a woman can hit a man any time she wants and it is perfectly fine and tolerated.
    Man tend to cause a bruise more, but women generally tend to hit more.
    Women want equality, and if they truly do mean that they should accept that men have as much right to hit a woman as a woman has to hit a man.
    If a man hits a woman simply because he is stronger, that is a pitiful excuse of a human being, but a woman that hits a man simply because she knows she can get away with it is not different.

  • It is a huge double standard.

    Woman can lie and get off easier, they can cheat or do things to men and then play innocent and everyone will believe them. They can call rape and automatically win basically. So if they want to be equal so badly, why can't we hit them just as if they were to hit us? Sean Connery puts it best in this video.


  • I agree with slapping a women back.

    I have once been punched by a girl. However,m when she said dont hit a girl, really, it doesn;t matter. NObody exept her is saying you can't. I said, i don't take bullsh*t and slammed her into a wall. If girls want to be equal, than they should tolerate a slap in the face like we can

  • A girl can slap a guy but...

    If she slaps me, it's all cool. If I slap her... Oh, lawsuits and jail time are on the horizon. I've been slapped in public, and nobody said a word. But imagine the uproar if I reached over and backhanded her? It'd be all over the news... Feminists call for equality but are offended if I slap a woman.

  • I'm Sean Connery.

    Sean Connery (sometimes I like referring to myself in the third person, and sometimes without warning) doesn't require a supporting argument on this. For what it's worth, I had 'hands on' experience with my ex wife who provoked me continually by disobeying my orders (a man is head of the household after all, except on Wednesday's when
    It was the polar opposite and my name was Slut).

    Seriously, of course I'm just joking and am not Mr Connery. I think men should have equal rights of slapping women as vice verse, but I have no intention of typing a supporting argument (the absence of which doesn't make things, right or wrong) as I can't be arsed.

  • Should be equal

    Its absolutely wrong for it to be socially acceptable for women to slap men, even though ot happens all the time and most cases women dont have to pay the consequences for it. On the other hand if a man was to smack a woman with the same exact ampunt of force people freak out, he goes to jail, gets prosecuted, ruined criminal record and maybe lose his career.

  • Slap that bitch

    Why not? Why can't a man slap a woman? They want to be treated equally, so why not just slap the living daylights out of them? Slap them with all your might. Slap them until they feel dazed. Slap that bitch because it is the right thing to do and it feels good.

  • Slap that bitch

    Why not? Why can't a man slap a woman? They want to be treated equally, so why not just slap the living daylights out of them? Slap them with all your might. Slap them until they feel dazed. Slap that bitch because it is the right thing to do and it feels good.

  • I'm a guy who doesn't hit girls.

    Now, I want to make things plain: women are the weaker sex. Not saying they are lesser in ANY way, only that they are weaker. I'm 16, I made a choice in elementary school to never hit a woman of any age. I've been bitten, slapped, punched, kicked (in the crotch), all pummeled in a lot of ways, but I never fought back. Why? Because I can take it. And women sometimes can't.

  • You're going the wrong way

    The answer isn't "Make it ok to slap women, because women do it", its "Make it wrong to slap men, because men cant". Whatever your domestic problems, you should never need to resort to physical violence. That only shows you have an inability to control your anger, and if you allow that kind of impulsive action to continue, youll only start doing worse things. Since you say "socially acceptable", this isnt like some life or death fight here, your girlfriend is possibly just abusing you emotionally. This is bad. So leave her. Its not that hard, and its the more honorable and respectful thing to do. Not to her, to you. If you are suffering and you choose to stay in that situation, you are disrespecting yourself. If you want gender equality, don't make the standards WORSE for the people you think act better, make the standards BETTER for the people who act worse.

  • Gender equality? Not even close.

    Women are weaker than men (not trying to sound mean here!!) so when a girl delivers a blow, it won't hurt that much to a man, but when a man does it? Poor girl. Gonna leave a lot of damage. Well, in some cases, the man maybe weaker, but life just doesn't roll that way.

  • It's never acceptable.

    Nobody should hit anyone, and violence should never be considered socially acceptable. It's true that it's probably worse for a man to hit a woman, seeing as women are generally weaker/smaller, and if a woman hits a man then the man should walk away or restrain her at most. But acts of violence against anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, etc, should never be considered okay.

  • It should not be socially acceptable to slap anyone.

    Those 40% in the yes section think this is a double standard debate, it really isn't. It should not be socially acceptable for a woman to slap a man and vice versa, and both should get the same punishment in the same scenario if roles were switched. Someone has said women are the weaker sex but that is untrue and based on a stereotype. I am for gender equality just as much as all of you in the yes section but we should not make it acceptable for ANYONE to slap ANYONE.

  • Nope. Neither is it acceptable for a woman to slap a man.

    There shouldn't be any violence between anyone, whether perpetrated by women or by men. Yes, men are a little bit stronger on average but it doesn't mean it's acceptable for a woman to hit a man. I believe if a woman slaps a man she should get the same punishment/treatment as a man who slaps a woman. Sure some women can beat down a man and some women do initiate domestic violence but violence is wrong regardless of your gender.

  • Is slapping right at any time?

    For women slapping has always been a way to protect their pride when being offended. Although it should not be seen as a way for women to physically defend themselves as never has a woman avoided getting raped by slapping the perpetrator. Slapping is only a way to protect your pride whether you are a woman or a man. But then is this minor act of violence right in any time? Wouldn't it be wiser for one to be able to protect his pride with words and arguments rather than humiliate the other person (because that's what slapping does)?

  • No, because men don't have the right to hit women for no reason.

    Like when they come back home from work after having a bad day blaming their girlfriend/wife for the cause and just hit them is not right..So I say no. Some men are absuive so they never stop hitting their wife, which I know hurts. Some of my aunts were in abusive relationship.

  • Men shouldn't hit women.

    But honestly, women who slap men? They simply don't deserve such a luxury. I don't think it's wrong to slap women, I think it's wrong to slap innocent people in general. And anyone who does such, deserves to be slapped back, no matter their gender. If you start dishing out, prepare to be dished right back.

  • An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind...

    Were the words that have been famously linked to Mahatma Gandhi, and they are right in this context. As the new generation grows older, and new social aspects are brought into play, a woman hitting a man is no different than a man hitting a woman. Such public acts of violence are completely unacceptable for today's society, and it should never have been acceptable in the first place. To bring about equality, we need not mend the bridge by retribution upon the other sex.

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