Should it be up to the state to allow or outlaw abortion?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • The State can..

    The 50 state legislatures in this country have the legal and moral authority to outlaw abortion, which is an act of homicide. The other side denies the life being deliberately taken and destroyed with a cynical appeal being made to a woman's body. The reason this issue is so heated and polarizing is because the Supreme Court issued a legal decree that has no legitimacy in law and should be nullified given the Court has no authority to enact it's own law overturning laws in 46 states. Also, I don't consider "more back alley abortions" to be a valid rationale no more than people finding a back alley hitman to terminate to kill someone for them.

  • Let people choose which state to live in.

    The issue of whether abortion should or should not be legal is unimportant. We all have our own beliefs, which is why states should be allowed to decide for themselves. If all states decided this matter on their own, citizens could choose to move to states which support their beliefs. There is no sense putting a general law over U.S. as a whole with such a controversial topic.

  • Murder is tried at the state level

    There is no difference between killing an unborn baby and a fully grown person. Since murder is tried at the state level, states should be able to decide exactly what murder is. If people in a state decides killing babies is murder, it can outlaw abortion. States full of selfish people who do not value life can pass laws to allow killing babies.

  • My body so I can do what I want!

    People need to understand that its the woman's choice to decide whats best for her and if thats means terminating the pregnancy then so be it! It has nothing to do with other people so they should mind their own business. Besides the population is too big anyways. That is all :)

  • It's not your decision to make.

    A woman's body is her business. You have to realize that whether or not you like abortion, you can't make that decision for anyone else, let alone make it illegal. A fetus and a fully grown person are different. A fully grown person is conscious and aware. A fetus is not. It does not "feel" when it is aborted nor will it "scream out". Why would you bring a life into this world if you know you can't take care of it? And women are going to get abortions anyway if it's illegal or not. They will just be unsafe.

  • It's not your body

    A woman's body is her own business. You have to realize that it's not your decision on what a woman does. A fetus cannot feel anything or scream out when it is aborted. Outlawing abortion will only bring about illegal and unsafe abortions. A fully grown person is conscious and aware but a fetus is not. There is a difference. And it is not selfish to abort a baby. Why bring it into this world if you can't take care of it?

  • My body, my temple

    If certain states are going to outlaw abortion, I'm not going to force them to change their minds, but overall I think it is a bad move. To prohibit abortion infringes upon a woman's sovereignty over her own body. Plus, if legal access to abortion is outlawed, that means there will be more back-alley abortions.

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