Should it become more common for men to get waxing done?

Asked by: takahiro
  • Ooh yea girl

    To have a man with less hair in their chest its SEXY. Hair is itchy and doesn't look great :(, a hairless man is more attractive and looks cleaner. If women suffer every time they want to use shorts or skirts why do guys don't have to give something when they use swimming suit??? I prefer to get to see their biceps ;)

  • Hairy and stuff

    Me no like hairy men to snuggle with. They all furry and smelly. I don't like hairy legs and arms and hands and toes and necks and faces and ears and backs and privates. They so GRODY. Yuk. They fur make me sad and stuff. Not good. Bad. Hairy men bad that's why.

  • Hell yea man!

    There are so many disgusting hairy guys out there that get food caught in their beard, guys who think a big bush of chest hair sticking out of their shirt makes them look attractive. Guys who bend over and have an extremely hairy butt crack. Like common, us as women have to be all shaved and smoothed skinned to be "attractive" why can't some guys put in a little effort for us women who like a clean shaved hairless man.

  • I think it should.

    Personally, i do not like hair and i go get waxing sometimes. Women usually go but men also have unwanted hair, im sure. And it smells bad when we sweat. Hairless body looks better in my opinion. I just need to know other people's opinion. What do you think about waxing for men?

  • How about no

    Men should be proud of their masculinity and wear their hair with pride. It is time for alterations of our body to stop because god made us the way we are. So take a stand and oppose this madness thank you my dear trusted loved hairless or hair full friends.
    Alex and Peter

  • I think its your choice, but its as normal as it needs to be.

    Seriously, men grow chest and back hair. Its part of our basic DNA and an expression of our testosterone. Yes, I know the feminists and hipster kids in skinny jeans hate testosterone as much as they do testicles, but body hair is a true expression of manliness.

    Again, if that's your choice, so be it, shave, wax and pluck to your heart's content. There are plenty of women out there, thankfully, who prefer us burly, hairy chested lumberjack types. We're the ones capable of splitting wood and digging trenches while the horn rimmed glasses wearing hipster kid desperately clings to his iPhone for warmth.

  • Hair There for a Reason

    Men have a choice when it comes to hair removal and waxing is one option. However, hair is there for a reason. Shaving works for most men, although waxing is a more permanent solution which obviates daily shaving. Waxing is painful although it saves time in that men wouldn't have to shave their faces every day. However, shaving is a more common notion in that it takes mere minutes and is far less painful.

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