Should Italy be allowed to fine their citizens for smoking cigarettes?

  • Just ban smoking instead

    Cigarettes are ridiculously dangerous. If a smoker does not care about their own health, fair enough, it is their health after all. However the ignorance of smokers to subject other people to passive smoking subjecting them to cancerous chemicals is disturbing. How smokers have a clean conscience over this defies belief. When a drunk driver kills a pedestrian they are shamed and criminalized. However apparently it is acceptable behavior for smokers to harm others. A hypocritical stance for the government to take in my eyes.

  • It's not like we ban weed, oh wait.

    Cigarettes are, quite frankly, dangerous, not only to the people smoking them, but also to those in the area of the smoker. It is also important to remember that the banning of drugs isn't exactly uncommon. In the US, marijuana, cocaine, and many other narcotics are illegal. I don't understand why people are making a fuss about tobacco being illegal, when so many other countries ban other drugs as well.

  • Yes, but it only makes sense if the Italian government fine people for smoking in no-smoking areas or they do not dispose of their cigarette butts correctly.

    I believe there should be no fine for smoking, but perhaps a fine for people that do not properly dispose of the cigarette butts afterwards. Not only are cigarette butts an eye sore when they are thrown onto the ground, they can be harmful for animals that chew or eat it due to their nicotine content. Also, fines should be given out to those who do not respect rules that prohibit people from smoking in a specific area, such as by doors.

  • Yes, Italy should be able to impose a fine on citizens for smoking.

    If Italy makes smoking against the law in designated places then their government has the right to fine citizens for breaking the law. Many states in the United States have non-smoking regulations and people are fined when they break those laws. Italy has the same right to uphold a law if it chooses to do so.

  • What happens in private is nobody's business

    While research shows that a ban on smoking does alter the habits of smokers, and it undoubtedly has an impact on the public good, it is not up to the government to police the private actions of citizens. In public, a ban on smoking makes sense since second hand smoke is detrimental to others. In private, citizens need to have a right to harm their body as they wish.

  • Cigarettes can be very addicting

    Italy means well when they want to fine people for smoking as a deterrent but let's face it, smoking is extremely addictive. It satisfies the pleasure centers of the brain. Most smokers crave cigarettes and become slaves to their addiction. They already spend an astronomical amount on cigarettes so to punish them more financially is a bit unfair.

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