• Give the people what they want.

    If the people of Italy are satisfied with Berlusconi as Prime Minister then why should anyone else oppose. He is already the longest serving post war Prime Minister in Italy's history. He is paying his debt to society for his tax fraud case. He also is one of the richest and most powerful people in the world. With his money and power, Italy could benefit from him as Prime Minister.

  • No, Silvio Berlusconi should not be the PM again.

    I do not think that Silvio Berlusconi should be the Prime Minister of Italy again. Despite what people may think of him in his professional and private life, it doesn't matter. He had his chance and term as the Prime Minister of Italy. It is time for somebody else to be the PM.

  • No, Silvio Belusconi should not be Prime Minister

    The Prime Minister has been a media embarrassment for the country of Italy. His antics and inability to keep his personal and work life separate and professional has discredited his ethics.His behavior has shown that he can no longer be a model and representative to the people of Italy. Berlusconi should retire from his leadship duites.

  • No, definitely not

    It made me wonder about Italy when they elected Silvio Berlusconi to be Prime Minister in the first place. The man is a criminal and a swindler, and the Italian public knew all about it. What happened, were they charmed by him? Then again, I do come from a country who elected Bush.

  • He is tainted.

    No, Italy should not select Silvio Berlusconi to be Prime Minister again, because he is too tainted of a politician to be credible, either domestically or internationally. Berlusconi has had corruption charges, and they were credible. There has to be someone who can step up and lead Italy who is not tainted goods, like Berlusconi.

  • He is part of the problem.

    Berlusconi has been an embarrassment for Italy and hasn't done enough to try and reform the broken political system of Italy. There is nothing that points to another chance for him being any more fruitful than the last one. He will just continue to drive Italy further into a political crisis.

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