• Ivory Is Still a Killing Offense

    Harvesting of ivory is still a killing act of an animal for profit. Ivory trade only benefits those already corrupt and disregarding animal life and human laws. Ivory already in stock piles to be burned away should be heavily guarded and destroyed within a short time of collection. Longer storage times provide opportunity for theft and continued illegal trade.

  • Ivory trade should be ilegal in all countries

    Elephants are still being killed for their tusks due to the high price buyers are wiling to pay for Ivory. Until all countries outlaw its sale and purchase, the demand for high priced Ivory will continue. If all countries outlaw the ivory trade, it will reduce the market for new ivory enough to save endangered elephant populations.

  • Yes, it should.

    Ivory trade, or atleast trading new Ivory should be illegal in all countries. Elephants and other mammals that create ivory are endagered and the hunting that endagers these animals will never stop as long as ivory trade is legal. Making it illegal will not stop the threat of poachers but it will reduce the threat.

  • I can't believe it's not illegal everywhere.

    When will people understand that ivory comes from an elephant's teeth and that animals share this planet with us and deserve not to be hunted for frivolous purposes. I fear the day when so many species become extinct that the planet reaches a point where it cannot sustain life and we humans have to dig ourselves out of this hole we are currently digging.

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