Should Jackie Mason's political beliefs influence public opinion of him as an actor?

  • He wouldn't have it any other way.

    Jackie Mason is a part of entertainment history now. He's retired. It really doesn't matter what we think of him as an actor or entertainer now, and I don't think he particularly cared what we thought when he was working. Jackie Mason has been known for being outspoken on almost every topic.

  • Yes, they should

    Whenever a person, especially one who has fame, decides to disclose their personal beliefs and political beliefs, it is open to scrutiny. What a person believes speaks volumes about the type of person they are. It's only natural that this would cause a change of opinion in the public eye of him.

  • No, Jackie Mason's political beliefs should not influence opinions about his acting.

    I believe that Mr. Mason's acting abilities are separate from his political beliefs for three reasons. First, acting and politics are separate areas. Beyond speaking presentation, the two areas have no bearing on each other. Second, his political beliefs will determine is political decisions. Lastly, his political beliefs and ability to share them will determine popular support for his political goals.

  • No it should not.

    I do not think that Jackie Manson's political beliefs should influence how the public view him as an actor. I think that actors should just be judged on how well they act and if they do a good job playing the part for whatever role they got casted as. Nothing else.

  • Don't judge Jackie

    Jackie Mason's political beliefs should not influence public opinion of him as an actor because everyone has their own belief system. We cannot incriminate or marginalize people for their beliefs. As long as they do not encourage harming others, then people like Mason are free to have any political opinion they please without harming their career.

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