Should Jackie Mason's religious beliefs influence public opinion of him as an actor?

  • Actors are always judged by their politics.

    Yes, Jackie Mason's religious beliefs should influence public opinion of him as an actor, because actors are always judged by their religion beliefs. Many actors go to great lengths to renounce religion, and to encourage certain kinds of politics. We should be allowed to evaluate politics and religion when we choose our favorite actors.

  • I do not believe it should affect his professional life

    I do not believe that one's religious beliefs should impact your professional career. Being held in the "court of public opinion" when one chooses not to believe the way the majority does has a chilling effect on free speech. If we are unable to speak our thoughts freely without the fear of losing our careers and livelihoods then it is going to stifle our growth as a society. We should be debating him directly instead of attacking his career merely because he does not have a majority opinion.

  • Personal religious beliefs should not influence our opinion of others

    The world is full of different religions and beliefs. We all want to be accepted and judged for our character and actions, not by some stereotypical idea that others may have of our race or religion. Jackie Mason is a Jew and is very passionate about matters that affect Jews. He has made some controversial comments over the years and for that reason some may think of him as a racists. But, it is good to remember that he was born during a time when racial acceptance was not what it is today. He has made some derogatory comments regarding people of color, but who has not been guilty of using a racial slur at least once in their life? Were his comments made because of hate or because of his culture or upbringing? If we all try to understand the reasons behind the conduct or beliefs of others we may learn to be more accepting and not so quick to judge.

  • No, Jackie Mason's religious beliefs should not influence public opinion of him as an actor.

    I do not think Jackie Mason would be the successful comedian that he is without his religious beliefs. I think his strong faith in being Jewish, combined with his intolerance for most other religions give him the confidence to be the outspoken person that he is. He has been popular for many years. I do not think he concerns himself too much with public opinion.

  • He has his own beliefs.

    The ideas that this man believes in should not effect the public opinion of him as an actor. He has the basic right to practice whatever religion he wishes, and we should not judge him over this. He is a great actor and is great in movies, and thats what matters.

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