Should jail time be required for anyone who receives a DWI?

  • Harsher Punishments Needed

    It has been noted that driers receiving a DWI charge have driven drunk many times before the one time they were caught. If drivers understood that harsher penalties awaiting them if they were convicted they may be deterred. If not jail time, then a inter-lock device should be installed in the first time offender's vehicle.

  • I think that no matter what the BAC is people should know better.

    Why would any body take the risk of killing themselves or someone else or even just hurting anybody. I think that for something like a DUI/DWI it should be jail time maybe then people won' twant to put themselves in that situation. And that could be one less thing that the cops and other drivers have to worry about.

  • Do the Crime, Do your Time

    People who drink and drive haven't done it just once or just twice. They have been caught and made to pay when they have finally been ticketed or arrested. If they are arrested for DWI, they need to serve the jail time to get some level of understanding that drinking and driving is wrong.

  • Its a crime

    Just be your drunk, doesn't mean your not dangerous, you can still endanger many lives, and I don't think many people are gonna be waiting around to find out if they are gonna get hit by a drunk driver. They drank, got drunk, and almost or did kill someone.... Come on, I'm 14 and can figure this out, what's the big issue.... All those who say no, are probably drunks themselves or people who were or are drunk drivers...... Lets get it together America

  • It should be the same as premeditated murder.

    Drinking while driving should be considered the same as premeditated murder. You have the choice to drink and drive, and every time you decided to drink and drive you are deciding to take the chance on killing someone. It is neither cute or cool to get drunk and show off in public.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • I support jail time for anyone who has gotten a DWI, because the law is well-known and people who ignore it should be punished.

    Unlike many other crimes, driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous to those around you. Because of this, I strongly believe that those who break the law should be given time in jail. The law is well-known by nearly everyone, and those who knowingly break it are putting not only their own lives at risk, but also the lives of others. Because of this, jail time and harsher consequences should be given to DWI offenders.

    Posted by: LongBo86
  • All DWIs should result in jail time, because it will cut down on the number of offenders.

    A DWI should always result in jail time. If we incarcerate those who break the law to this extent, I believe that it will cut down on the amount of offenders. If the laws are stricter, people will be less likely to commit them if they know of the consequences.

    Posted by: EducatedAlfonso
  • As a deterrent, I believe that jail time ought to be required for anyone who receives a DWI.

    Since drinking and driving is a choice, then anyone who knows that what they are doing is illegal needs to be severely punished. I think that the only way to prevent people from driving while intoxicated is for them to know that they will be sent to jail, if they are caught.

    Posted by: ender31444
  • Jail time should be mandatory for anyone who receives a DWI.

    Jail time should be mandatory for anyone who receives a DWI because it is a very serious offense. During the Vietnam War, we lost 58,000 men. During the same period, we lost over 250,000 men, women and children to drunk drivers. Some drunk drivers learn from one DWI arrest. Most do not learn, and go on to repeat. The second DWI offense should be a felony with mandatory prison time.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Jail time should be required for anyone who receives a DWI, as a DWI can be prosecuted as attempted manslaughter.

    Attempted crimes generally carry sentences equivalent to successfully completed crimes. Since killing or harming a person while driving under the influence is a crime punishable by significant jail time, and many states prosecute some DWIs as attempted manslaughter, then all DWIs should carry some jail time, since all DWIs are attempted manslaughter.

    Posted by: A Paul
  • Not a chance

    Driving while drinkin causes no harm. You should never be arrested for something that is legal to do if you are of age. If you are pulled over while drunk, the cop should give the fellow pal an escort home to make sure that the driver is home safely. That would be the easiest thing to do and it would also keep the prisons less populated and keep people who do not even need to be in there out. Yeah bud

  • Jail Doesn't Help

    Most people who get a DWI didn't hurt anybody. Jail should be for those who did. Let people work on their sobriety outside of jail. Don't give offenders another reason to drink with excessive punishment. This hideous culture of ruining lives was started by MADD. But MADD has had two Presidents who have been arrested for drunk driving. It's time to stop this senseless and wicked attitude towards ordinary citizens who either made a mistake or who have a disease.

  • Jailtime for everyone?

    DWI laws should take into account several varying factors to determine justice. How much "over the limit" are they? How long has the person been driving? Have they had accidents before? Slamming everyone with drastic consequences is not only bad for an individual, it is very socially disruptive. And all the teetotalers out there should ask themselves - do I really want to throw about half of the drivers out there in jail? Because frankly, most drivers at one time or another have been over the limit. They just have not all been caught. This is a society where drinking is part of many of our celebrations, and the laws are too harsh.

  • Overkill and no judicial discretion

    The laws were already harsh enough, now with 10 years and mandatory jail time we've gone too far. Statistically falling asleep is just as dangerous, but we don't put people in jail the same way. It's imbalanced and judges should have the latitude to make the correct judgement on a per case basis.

  • "Likelihood of re-offending" sentencing

    How do you justify punishing someone by the mere possibility of them re-offending in the future? Are we actually allowed to say: "Well, we think you will be running someone over while driving drunk so we are going to punish you before that happens?" It is an absolute nonsense. Besides, do we really want to sent people to jail having to support them financially when they could be contributing tax dollars?

  • Jail is for Criminals not citizens

    Fear is a horrible burden on top of how life can be. Why put DWAI and DUI "offenders" with people who intentionally committed a crime? What is the sense of that? Making criminals out of ordinary citizens is only a way of revenue for the police force. Ordinary citizens are trying to pay attention and keep responsibility for their own health and the health of those around them. Why limit their influence by filling the with fear of the government? The "casual" DUI defendant is asked to "drive" to classes and "therapy" which is very under par as beneficial.

  • I do not think that jail time should be required for anyone who receives a DWI, because jails are already overcrowded and this would only escalate that problem.

    Jail time is not something that should be required for anyone who receives a DWI. First off, the DWI limits can be very small in some states, and it might be possible to test positive with only a couple of drinks in your system. In addition, while I don't think anyone should drink and drive, putting someone in jail for such an offense would only cause already overcrowded jails to become even more overcrowded. It would also leave less room in jails for those who really should be there: murderers, drug dealers, child molesters, and such.

    Posted by: SpitefulChi
  • While certainly a serious crime, a DWI does not need have a mandatory sentence attached to it, because mandatory jail time for any offense is wrong.

    Mandatory sentencing of any type is wrong. When you require a person to serve jail time, you take away certain amount of power from our judicial system. Judges are on the bench to render verdicts based on the current facts of the case. No one can foresee all of the mitigating circumstances which could arise from a case.

    Posted by: SpyCl4
  • No, because mandatory jail time doesn't necessarily help people stop committing this type of crime.

    What I believe is that those who have received a DWI should not have mandatory jail time. Instead, what they should be required to do is attend counseling to help them overcome this addictive type of behavior. The other thing that they should be required to do is community service in a situation that relates to driving-related accidents or alcohol, so that they can see the potential effects of their recklessness.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • I oppose jail time for all DWIs because treatment is a better option.

    Jail time should only be required when the individual is a repeat offender or damage to persons or property has occurred. In the case of first time offenders, treatment opportunities could be far more useful than jail time in reducing repeated offenses. By referring these individuals to treatment our society can aid the individuals recovery while also reducing the number of individuals sent to our crowded jail system.

    Posted by: VampireShu

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