Should Jaimie Alexander be the next Wonder Woman?

  • She Was Amazing

    In Thor so why not let her be Wonder Woman. She has everything: the body type, the attitude, the independence she showed. She would be marvelous in that role but on the other hand people say Jennifer Lawrence should play it but she doesn't seem to have the "superhero acting" she is meant for more heart felt roles and action movies other than superhero movies. Such as Skyfall, she would have been his perfect assistance (James Bond that is)

  • Yes, she fits the part well

    If there is going to be a new Wonder Woman movie or series then yes Jamie Alexander would be a good choice for it. She fits the look of previous Wonder Woman, is an up and coming actress who could be a star and will help the movie/series. There is no reason to keep her from the part.

  • No, she is not famous enough.

    No, Jaimie Alexander should not be the next Wonder Woman, because she is not very well known. They should cast someone that is mainstream famous for the role, and that would make more people who are not familiar with comics want to see the movie, just because someone is famous. Jaimie Alexander is beautiful and talented, but there are better women for the role.

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