• It's His Choice

    Professional athletes have a choice whether or not they want to try and get on with a team. Russell were terrible and a bust with the Raiders. That is a fact. However, the quality of starting quarterbacks in the league is so poor that if he has any sort of skills he might be able to make it with a team. If I were running a team I wouldn't want him anywhere near my team but these are desperate times for NFL quarterbacks.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • Not at all

    First of all he has not chance. Second, he has been out of the league two long and by now he will lost a lot of talent. If he comes back now it will be like asking an 80 year old man to come play in the National Football League.

  • No, He Should Not

    JaMarcus Russell is by all measures an absolutely terrible quarterback. He has also been arrested multiple times and has shown that he is not a good person. He can never seen to control his weight, and his throwing arm is exceptionally weak. He would be a fool to attempt a comeback.

  • No Way

    JaMarcus Russell was a disgrace to the NFL and to football in general. He is probably the biggest draft bust ever in that he cost the NFL teams loads of money and time for a dinky little pay out. He also was arrested for abusing codeine. That is not the kind of role model we need in the NFL.

  • He Needs To Stay Away

    I do not think that JaMarcus Russel should try to make a comeback. When he was in the league it was a total disaster. He is one of the biggest busts in NFL history and he set the Raiders back a few years. He couldn't get it done then and I doubt he can now.

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